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Ek Deewana Tha 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Odhni And Freddy Escape From Police!


Ek Deewana Tha 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewana Tha 25th December 2017 Episode Start With Chandni tries to do Vyom and Sharanya’s Grah-pravesh but Rajan asks her if she hasn’t taken it too seriously that she will take Madhvi’s place. Did you forget what happened last night? She says I have forgotten it. You too should forget it. Let’s welcome her. Rajan declines. Only the MIL will welcome the DIL so hold on. He pulls Madhvi out of a corner. You welcome happiness with open arms. Chandni glares in their direction. Rajan gives the puja thaal to Madhvi. Forget everything and welcome your DIL. It’s such a good day. Be a good mother-in-law.

Flashes of dagger and Shiv’s words are shown.

Vyom asks his mom to think it to be a bad dream. Forget everything and accept your DIL. Rajan asks Madhvi to bless the couple. Madhvi cannot stop thinking of what happened during the wedding. Shiv’s words echo in the background (Sharanya is only mine. I wont let anyone come between us!). The thaal keeps swaying in her hand. She is about to fall but Vyom holds her. She is feeling dizzy. Rajan says I have told you to take care of yourself so many times. Do teeka now. She does Sharanya’s teeka and falls on her. She whispers in Sharanya’s ears. Welcome to hell. You thought that this fight is over? The fight has just begun! You shouldn’t have married Vyom. He wont spare anyone! Sharanya looks at her in confusion as she steps back. Madhvi welcomes Sharanya to Bedi family calling her DIL. Rajan smiles. Madhvi heads inside.

Sharanya enters in Bedi House following the Grah-Pravesh rituals. Her alta dipped footprints turn black.

Odhni acts to be possessed scaring Freddy and the policemen in the van. Freddy gets concerned but she winks at him. He lies that a spirit has entered inside her. Odhni threatens to kill all of them. Freddy asks them to take her outside. They stop the van. Odhni and Freddy manage to escape.

Mrs. Bisht cannot understand why her husband isn’t picking any of her calls. I am scared now. Just come back. Aditya gives her water and then looks at his phone. He has 30 missed calls from Papa. I forgot it at home. she says I and Sharanya had our phone. Why dint he call us? Aditya says there might be network issue there. I am worried. Something is wrong with papa. I will call Di but his mother tells him against it. We will have to find it ourselves. You remember what your father told you before leaving (you are the man of the house after me!). Aditya cries. His mother assures him they will find him. Don’t tell anything to Sharanya. He dials his father’s number again. Mr. Bisht’s phone is seen lying on the ground. Mrs. Bisht wonders where her husband is.

The ice vendor tells his junior to get more ice. It wont be enough. A hand is shown in the freezer.

Vyom is removing flowers from his room. Rati asks him about it. Vyom says I know you decorated it with so much love but it isn’t needed right now. There is no news of Ram Uncle. Everyone is so worried but they are just hiding it. We should cancel reception too. Sharanya tells them against it. Papa will come soon. Rati leaves. Sharanya tells Vyom not to worry. Papa went to bring Kuldevi’s idol. I am sure Devi Ma will keep him safe. He will be fine.

They put more ice in the freezer covering the hand of the dead body.

Sharanya says I feel today is the best day since I have gained conscious. I don’t even sense his presence today. I am not scared. I feel free, relieved. I am sure papa will be perfectly fine too. He holds her hand. Your smile makes everything better in my life. I hope Ram uncle returns soon and everything becomes fine.

Freddy tells Odhni to calm down. This is my house. No one will be able to come here. She is sure Rajan Bedi wont spare us anywhere. I will even tell that spirit to go away. I wont be able to do it. He asks her if she is scared. She replies that she loves her life too. he asks her if she will be able to live with the guilt that she could save Vyom and Sharanya but could not do it. He turns to go but she tells him to stop. You and I share some previous birth’s bond. I wont leave you so easily. He asks her if she is flirting with her. She replies cutely. Tell me the plan. He is sure that the fingerprints are of someone from the Bedi family only. We have to find out who it is. She asks him how they will do it. He dances.

Sharanya and Vyom get ready for the function. He looks at her mesmerised and says her name. She asks him what happened. He says love. She asks with whom. He says you. She says why. He walks closer. I don’t know. She asks him if he is sure. He says don’t know. He says life is beautiful because you are in it. She asks about herself. He calls her the reason of his living. He picks up the vermilion box and fills her hairline. You are my identity. This vermilion is also symbolic of the fact that you completed my life. It proves that men are because of women. Strong wind blows because of which the vermilion box falls down. She looks at the floor in shock while he looks at the window. He holds her face. It was just wind. You only said you don’t feel his presence anymore. Our bad time is behind us. Everything will be good from here on. They go out together. Footsteps form out of the vermilion.


Ek Deewana Tha 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Reception ceremony / celebrations are on in Bedi House. Odhni comes there in a disguise but Rajan identifies her. She collides with the freezer while running. Mr. Bisht’s body falls down Everyone rushes to him.

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