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Ek Deewana Tha 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Freddy Finds Clues About Shiv!


Ek Deewana Tha 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewana Tha 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Sharanya says you snatched my papa from me. I wont spare you now! I will find you and finish you! You will have to bear consequences of your actions! I will find you, your every secret! I will find out everything and finish your story for once and for all! She breaks down. Mrs. Bisht holds her and Mrs. Bisht as Mr. Bisht’s body is taken away. Shiv is very much present there.

Odhni is in the lock up. She wonders who stabbed Rameshwar ji. How did it get out of my bag and when? It was in my bag till Freddy and I were in the jeep? Did police take it out while handcuffing us? It is them only! I don’t wonder if Bedi’s are more dangerous or that spirit! Did Rameshwar ji found out the secret?

Someone is reading the letter that was found by Mr. Bisht in his old home. Madhvi sees the silhouette of someone. She hears a noise and is startled. The reader becomes aware of her presence and leaves from there. She looks back in that direction when lights are switched on suddenly. Rajan steps forward.

Vyom tries talking to Sharanya but she is too heartbroken / lost. She has not stopped crying. She throws the jewellery. I am feeling hot suddenly. Papa used to sleep without AC, fan! He never wanted anything. She hurts herself while removing her earring. I always slept with her. I was his beloved daughter. I too used to feel nothing. Mummy used to say that Sharanya will take care of papa when he will grow old. He holds her as she cries. We could not do anything. I could not take care of him! I lost my papa!

Rajan tells Madhvi she has got reasons to sway in her path. Why are you still up? She replies that she was thirsty. Do I have to seek permission from you? He tells her that she dint take her permission before setting herself on fire. Wish you had asked me as then it wouldn’t have posed a risk on my son! Stop hating Sharanya for sometime as she has just lost her father. It is ok if you cannot be her support. Just don’t become the reason of her pain. I love you. She laughs. Who are you lying to – yourself or me or is someone hearing us? He tells her that she is really lucky that he bore all her stupidities. He says a shayari and feeds her a medicine. You sleep well when you have no question or thought in your mind. Love you, good night. He goes. Madhvi spits the medicine. Mind and heart are not in control when your loved ones hurt you!

Sharanya blames herself for everything. It’s my entire fault. Papa used to take me around on his shoulders and he left on 4 shoulders today! I lost him! I don’t deserve to be called his daughter! He was in such a critical situation and I dint even realise it. He would have been in so much pain. He must have felt suffocated. I wont be able to hear his voice again or see him again however much I cry! He dint harm anyone. He never did anything wrong. Why did he leave? Vyom promises her that he wont spare the person who has killed Ram Uncle! Sharanya says Odhni hasn’t killed papa!

A lady requests Inspector to listen to her once. Inspector refuses to let her meet Odhni but the girl continues to allow her to meet Odhni once. Inspector gives in. It is Freddy who has come in disguise to meet Odhni. He tells her that the fingerprints are in record room. Once they match then we will find out who is the killer. Odhni asks him how they will find it. Inspector asks them what they are talking about. Freddy acts. He next assures Odhni he will find out the truth. Will you be fine? She assures him she will chant mantras if they will try to torture her. Freddy collides with Inspector and speaks in male voice. She cooks some foolish excuse and goes to washroom.

Vyom asks Sharanya how she is so sure. Sharanya says Odhni had no reason to kill papa. She can do something small. It is all because of him! he couldn’t bear it that we got married. Vyom says why he will kill Ram Uncle when we already got married. Sharanya relates to him what Odhni had told before she got arrested. He killed my papa to seek revenge from me! Papa must have found out some secret associated with him! Vyom looks confused. Secret?

Freddy enters stealthily in the record room. He starts looking for information. Shiv is right there. A file is stuck between two files in a rack above. Freddy goes in another corner after noticing Inspector around. Shiv breaks the bulb shocking Freddy. He switches on his phone’s light to look for clue but finds nothing. The file falls down in front of him just then. He hides in a corner to avoid being caught. He opens the file and finds Shiv’s photo. He recalls the sketch on Odhni’s wall.

Sharanya says Dr. Amit also wanted to tell me something but he got killed before that. Vyom is unable to understand any of it. She says if we find out that secret then we will find out who that spirit is!

Freddy says it means Shiv is the spirit who is around Sharanya 24×7. This is his history!

Shayari –
Is kadar lamhon se lad kar thak chukka hu main
Wo mujh me jee raha hai jis par marr chukka hu main


Ek Deewana Tha 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Vyom tells Sharanya that he knows Shiv. The door of their room opens. Vyom is pushed around the room. Sharanya runs to save him.

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