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Ek Deewana Tha 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Shiv Decides To Return To The Spirit World


Ek Deewana Tha 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewana Tha 28th March 2018 Episode Start With Madhvi tells Vyom she is ashamed to call him her son. I snatch the right of you being Rajan Bedi’s son today! You wont light his pyre! Vyom acts to break down.

Everyone has gathered at the cemetery. Vyom thinks of his mother’s words as Madhvi takes the burning stick. Madhvi thinks of her past memories as she lights the pyre. Vyom recalls his father’s threat (that he will kill Sharanya if Madhvi isn’t out of jail in 3 days). I told him so many times to listen to me but he dint agree. See what happened now. Sharanya sits down next to him. He tells her he has lost everything. My mother isn’t with me while my Dad left me. I am an orphan now. Suvarna pats at his shoulder. A son can never become an orphan when his mother is alive. Madhvi is upset but she will melt down soon.

Don’t worry. Her lawyer gives her some papers. She tells him that she cannot lessen his pain but you and Sharanya deserve it. Vyom asks her what this is. She says your father proved me dead after killing my husband and got hold of entire property. I got it back now that I am back after 25 years. This is of no use to me now. I want you both to have it. I have named it to both of you. He tells her he only wants his old life back. She hopes it could happen. I am pained to see a son like him in so much pain. I wish I could do something for you. You must accept this. She hugs him. Vyom looks at the burning pyre. You (Dad) did so much drama and killed so many people. You dint wish to kill Shiv because he loved Sharanya but for this property!

Madhvi tells Rajan and Vyom they cannot kill Shiv as they have destroyed him once. Vyom asks her what she means. Madhvi tells him everything. Vyom is impressed that now there is a new angle in the sorry. Now we don’t have to kill him for Sharanya but for the property! Now Shiv must die! He pushes Madhvi and locks in her the room. He gets ready and goes out of the house even when Madhvi shouts at him not to do it.

We kept this woman as our captive for years and she gave me this property in seconds. Sorry Dad. I got the property and Sharanya too will be mine very soon! I am going to be the happiest man on this planet! He keeps his arm around Sharanya’s shoulder.

Sharanya and Shiv come to Vyom’s room. Sharanya is pained to see him thus. Shiv is here. He wants to talk to you. Vyom asks her where he is. Shiv sits next to him. Sharanya tells him the same. Shiv apologizes to Vyom. I made a mistake by doubting your friendship. Please forgive me. I know I have hurt you very much but I couldn’t see the truth. Sharanya tried to make me understand that you are the same old friend who thought well for us but I dint listen to her. I am so sorry for that. Sharanya tells it all to Vyom. Shiv adds that don’t know what would have happened to Sharanya. You united me with my mother after 25 years. Only a true friend can do what you did yesterday! You are still the same Vyom who can do anything for your friends.

I hurt you even when I was alive and now too. I cannot hug and tell you that everything will be fine; that I will fix everything. You lost your Dad and Mom because of me. I know the pain of being an orphan. I can understand your pain. Sharanya conveys it to Vyom. He apologizes instead for everything to him. I have now lost both my parents. I feel I am an orphan now. Sharanya holds his hand telling him not to say so. I too have some relation with you. Vyom keeps his hand over hers. We will always be friends. Shiv should be happy. he got his mom and Sharanya got his Shiv. Shiv’s Sharanya and Sharanya’s Shiv! Don’t be upset because of me. I only want you both to be happy. Don’t be upset because of me ever. Don’t cry ever because of me. Suvarna wipes her tears. Vyom goes out on the pretext to check his mother.

Outside, Vyom thinks everyone got what the happiness they deserve. Why do I get pain always? Shiv got Sharanya. I dint get mother, daughter or my love! What was my mistake? I only supported the truth. He cries. Someone keeps their hand on his shoulder. Vyom smirks. Suvarna tells him he dint do anything wrong. You took a stand against what’s wrong. You need courage for the same. It pains when your own people are wrong but I am glad you aren’t Rajan’s shadow. He says I never thought it will cost me this bad. She tells him she cannot take Madhvi’s place but she thought him to be her own when I held you in my hands for the first time. I have looked after you a lot. You too are my son like Shiv. He hugs her. He thinks he will get what he wants because of this (free) mother.

Odhni watches a video where some guys are hitting Freddy. She panics and requests them not to hit Freddy. I will do as you say. The goons end the video and Freddy tells them it is enough. They leave him. Freddy laughs. Odhni is so cute. She does anything for me while I do anything for money. I dint know that one lie will make me very rich!

Shiv tells Sharanya he cannot see Vyom like this. What should we do? She suggests cheering Vyom like they used to in college. Suvarna hears them. Vyom is watching her and calls someone telling the person to start.


Ek Deewana Tha 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Suvarna tells Shiv that only a human being can unite with another human being which is why you cannot stay here anymore. You are a spirit! You must return to your world! Shiv agrees with her. It’s time for me to leave!

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