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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nikita sitting in front of havan asks pandit to hurry up and call Aryan. Aryan comes down wearing sehra. Nikita shouts to sit soon. Pandit continue mantras and asks to do gathbandhan. Priyanka does gathh bandhan. Saachi watches live CCTV footage and cries. Pandit asks to start pheras. Nikita gets up and asks Aryan to get up and insists. He gets up and removes his sehra revealing he is Sushanth instead. Nikita asks where is Aryan. He says where he should be.

Saachi is also surprised seeing Sushanth instead of Aryan. Aryan reaches there and says he is here. Nikita calls her goons and nobody replies. She sends all goons present with her to go her adda. They leave. Whole Sethia family surrounds her. Priiyanka slaps her followed by Sarita who shouts her soft nature is not her weakness. Diwkar asks Sushanth to get rope and tie Nikita. They all tie Nikita to a pillar. Viren says he informed police to come and arrest Nikita, half team has gone to save Aryan and Saachi.

Aryan fight with goons and they all collapse. He walks towards Saachi when one goon wakes up and holds Aryan. Saachi shouts to leave Aryan. She frees her ties and hits goon’s head with a rod and saves Aryan. They both hug and express their love for each other.

Police comes and arrests Nikita and say another team went to save Aryan and Saachi. Nikita shouts she will not spare them and will return soon. Sarita shouts Aryan and Saachi’s sajhedari is forever and nobody can break it.

Precap: Inspector comes and says he has arrest warrant against Saachi. Whole Sethia family look in a shock.

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