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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Aryan sees chandelier falling on Saachi and alerts her. Nikita on time comes and pushes Saachi aside. Whole family comes rushing. Sarita asks Nitika if she is fine. Neelima asks Saachi if she is fine. Saachi says yes, but Nikita got injured. Sarita does not even notice Saachi and gets busy nursing Nikita’s wound. Diwakar says how did this chandelier fall down. Saachi says she does not know, someone called her and told he can give Kabeer’s address. Aryan checks phone and says number is switched off. Sushanth checks rope and says it is burnt due to short circuit. Prabhath says circuit board is outside, then how did fire reach rope.

Priyanka asks Nikita where she had been. Nikita says she had gone out to bring gifts for everyone from her car and kheer she made for everyone. She tells Sarita that her prepared kadi was so tasty she felt like eating more. She makes family sit and serves them kheer. Sarita says they called her for lunch, but she is serving them kheer. Nikita says so what and serves kheer. She gets a call and informs that coming for lunch was lucky for her, she got a big contract. Everyone congratulate her. She says let us have bengali sweets then and feeds Sarita. Sarita asks her to feed Aryan as he likes sweets a lot. Nikita tries to feed Aryan. Aryan angrily looks at Sarita. Saachi asks him to try and feeds him. He feeds her back. Nikita looks jealous seeing it.

Inspector calls Aryan and informs that Kabeer is caught. Saachi hears that and happily hugs Aryan. Masked person removes overcoat and reveals it is Nikita. She laughs that Saachi will die as she snatched Aryan from her. She loves Aryan and wants to become Sethia family’s bahu. She will destroy Saachi slowly and reminisces switching off oxygen mask. She says she will befriend Saachi to enter into Sethia family. She reminisces hiring goon to frighten Saachi with speeding car, Saachi inviting her for lunch, burning chandelier rope, etc.. She gained Aryan’s sympathy by saving Saachi and now she will blow a final attack on Saachi soon. Soon Sethia family will be under her feet, Saachi will die. She laughs.

Precap: Nikita looking at Aryan’s pic says she promised herself that they both will be together soon. Saachi’s bullet wound starts rebleeding.

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