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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Aryan discusses about his new project with Diwakar. Diwakar their current project will decide their new projects success. Aryan tells about his designs and says he made it contemporary and named it mitti ki khusboo. Sushanth says they have 5 months to complete this project and if they finish it in 3 months, they will get 20% incentives. Prabhath praises Aryan and Sushanth that they are like Geeta and Babita Phogat. Aryan says his example is wrong. Prabhath tells his usual dialogues, leave the gender and look at emotion.

Nikita comes and tells Diwakar that the US project she got is paying well and buying raw materials from her. They need classic and contemporary design combination, so she thought of their company. Sarita says it is a good news of course they can

be partners. Diwakar looks aat Aryan’s sad face and says he needs time and will inform her later. Sarita says what is there to think. Diwakar gets angry and says he takes every important decision after consulting family and will inform Nikita later. Nikita says uncle is right and walks fuming.

Diwkar tells Sarita that Aryan did not seem happy and they cannot force him reconnect with the broken sajedhari. Aryan will decide about this project. Saachi with her explanation as usual convinces Aryan to accept Nikita’s proposal. Prabhath gets a news that both their projects are canceled. He informs familyl that the company which gave them order lost its contracts and backed off. Sarita insists Diwakar to accept project. Diwakar asks Aryan. Aryan says he is ready and will call Nikita. Nikita eagerly waits for Aryan’s call. Aryan calls and accepts project.

Nikita then calls her aide and thanks for helping her in canceling Sethia family’s project ad says she will get him profit in the future. She then kisses Aryan’s phot and says soon they will unite.

Next morning, Aryan gets ready for office. Saachi drops him till gate and says this project will benefit him and Nikita and he should forget everything and move on with this project. Nikita comes in her car. Saachi sends Aryan in her car. Aryan sits looking at other side. Nitika says he can smile, she will not bite. She says that she has moved on and even he should move on, it will be good for their project.

Saachi goes to kitchen to prepare tea and climbs stool to pick sugar. Her gun shot wound starts bleeding and she falls down holding her wound.

Precap: Nikita serves food to Aryan and drops dal on him purposefully. She touches him in lieu of cleaning dress. Saachi with Chandra reaches and is shocked seeing them standing closer.

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