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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Saachi tries to pick sugar from cupboard. Her gunshot wound stitches break and wound starts rebleeding. She falls down from stool and calls Aryan. Aryan is busy in a business meeting with Nikita. Nikita notices Saachi’s call on Aryan’s mobile and silently switches off his mobile and disconnects landline cor. Saachi starts writhing in pain. Chandra calls Saachi and Saachi informs that her wound stitches broke up. Chandra says she will come there right now and orders driver to take her to Sethia bhavan. She takes Saachi to hospital and after checkup walks with her and asks if her in-laws don’t take care of her. Saachi says they take care of her, but today everyone is busy in their work and Aryan went to office. Chandra fumes and says she will drop her home. Saachi insiststo drop her to Aryan’s office. Chandra says she is too stubborn and walks along.

Aryan with Nikita sits for lunch. Nikita sees smileys on food and asks who made it. Aryan says who else than Saachi. Nikita gets jealous, but praises Saachi. She insists to reheat food and picks daal box. Aryan says it is okay. Nikita insists and silently drops daal on Aryan’s clothes and apologizes. She acts as cleaning and touches him. She then sees Saachi and Chandra entering and comes in front of Aryan, portraying as kissing him. Aryan sees Saachi and asks when they did come and touches Chandra’s feet. Chandra passes harsh comment. Saachi tells her stitches broke and wound started bleeding, Chandra came and took her to hospital. Aryan says Saachi she should have called him. She says she called his mobile and landline. Nikita silently fixes landline cord. Aryan checks his mobile and says he does not know how it got switched off and landline is working. Nikita says Saachi can rest here, they will go after work. Aryan says Saachi should rest at home and nothing is important to him than Saachi. Saachi tries to speak, Aryan insists and takes her along. Nikita fumes in jealousy.

Aryan and Saachi return home. Diwakar scolds Sarita how can she be so irresponsible, he gave Saachi’s responsibility to her. Sarita says she went out with Priyanka to do charity. Diwaakar scolds when house is burning, what is the use of charity, what will Diwakar feel when will know they are taking care of his daughter like this. Saachi says it was her mistake and not maasa’s. Aryan says babasa is right when someone cannot handle responsibility, why they accept it. Sarita fume sin anger.

Aryan calls Nikita and informs her that Sushanth will handle their project hereon and their project will go as scheduled. Saachi tries to speak, but he stops her. Nikita says she is fine with it, but fumes that she does not need Sushanth but Aryan, Aryan will see what she can do.

Precap: Aryan and Saachi are in market. Nikita wearing overcoat and mask attacks Saachi, but Aryan saves her. Nikita runs and Aryan chases her.

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