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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update


Nikita enters Saachi’s room to meet her. Saachi sees her injured hand and asks how did he get injured. She reminisces getting inured by auto while trying to throw knife on Saachi and lies that she fell. She tells whoever is trying to harm her seems very dangerous. Saachi says god will not help bad people with bad intentions and she has Aryan with her. Nikita fumes. Saachi thanks her for coming. Nikita says this house is a family for her. She walks silently and picks Saachi and Aryan’s marriage photoframe. Saachi turns. Nikita says they both look perfect couple. Saachi says their choices are same. Nikita says yes. Nikita leaves.

Once Aryan returns, Saachi says she feels like she is house arrested and it is boring being at home. Aryan says it is actually house arrest and holds her hand tightly, then seeing her expression leaves her hand and says love is both strength and weakness and he is worried for her. Saachi promises that she will not get out of house without his permission. Nikita relaxing on her bed watches everything on TV screen and reminisces fixing camera to Saachi and Aryan’s photo frame. She thinks she will not break her promise, so she will force Saachi to break her promise and come out of house.

Next morning, Sarita and Priyanka go to market, and Sarita tells she wants to do shanty Pooja at home. Nikita comes and holds Priyanka’s eyes from behind. Sarita gets happy seeing her and ask what is she doing here. She says like them, she is shopping. She suggests for a coffee. Priyanka says masala chai and Sarita says een she wants to have. She takes them to a tea stall. She then silently messages from Sarita’s phone to Saachi to come and meet her in market immediately. Saachi foolishly as usual gets tensed that maasa must be in trouble, walks out and tells constables that she hears some voice in her room. Once constables walk in, she runs out and reaches market.

Nikita hires a goon to get Saachi’s mobile. Goon clashes with her silently and her mobile falls down. He picks mobile and gives it to Nikita. Nikita gives him money and breaks mobile with her sandals.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Saachi asks Sarita if she is fine, why did sh message to meet her in market. Sarita says she did not send any message. Aryan checks Sarita’s mobile and says Maasa did not send any message.

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