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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Aryan returns home. Saachi worriedly asks him where was he whole night, why is his phone switched off, if he is still angry on her. He says no, he got busy in work and did not realize his phone switching off. Prabhath asks Aryan why is Nikita not picking call, he needs to discuss about design costs with her, she was with him in office till late. Aryan says he does not know anything and will go to his room and rest for sometime. Aryan goes to his room and thinks why he cannot remember anything. He sees a mark on his neck and removes his chest. He sees marks on his body and tries to remember what happened yesterday night. He needs to ask Nikita itself. Neeti calls him and asks to come down for breakfast.

After breakfast, Aryan comes out of house to call Nikita and find out what happened yesterday night. Diwakar comes and asks why is he still angry on Saachi, he messaged him yesterday and not Saachi. Aryan asks what..Diwakar shows message in his phone and gives him moral gyaan to not ignore Saachi. Viren calls Aryan and informs that today is Saachi’s birthday. Aryan is surprised. Viren asks not to act as surprised, he is sure Aryan must have planned a surprise for Saachi. Aryan says he is planning a surprise and disconnects call. Viren thinks young generation is unpredictable.

Saachi in her room looking at Aryan’s photo sadly. Neeti calls her with distressed voice. Saachi goes down and sees whole house dark and asks Neeeti where is she. Lights get on and she is surprised to see whole house decorated. Whole Sethia family and Mittal family wish her happy birthday. Neeti and Tanu take Saachi to get her ready for party and get her down. She asks where is Aryan. Aryan comes and kneeling down recites a shayari. Prabhath asks meaning. Aryan says he copied it from internet. He takes out ring and says when Saachi is not around, he feels incomplete. He says I love you Saachi. Whole family asks Saachi to tell I love you. Saachi says I..I… Inspector comes and says Aryan that he has arrest warrant against him, he has to come along right now. Whole family looks shocked.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Inspector says Aryan is alleged with molestation charges and says complainant name is on warrant. Saachi sees Nikita’s name and is shocked.

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