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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethia and Mittal families are busy celebrating Saachi’s birthday. Police enters and inspector says he came to arrest Aryan on molestation charges. Diwakar asks how can he allege Aryan, he is his son. Saachi asks how can he allege Aryan wrongly. Inspector says she should ask the complainant and gives complaint form. Saachi is shocked to see Nikita’s name. She asks Aryan how can Nikita allege him. Aryan says he did not do anything. Inspector asks what was he doing in office with Nikita then. Aryan says he does not remember anything. Inspector says he does not want to describe his heinous act and arrest Aryan.

In police station, Viren warns inspector to release Aryan, else he will call commissioner. Inspector says he cannot forgo formalities and they can file for bail tomorrow. Diwakar and Sushanth say Aryan is innocent. Lawyer says they cannot shout in police station, he will get Aryan’s bail tomorrow morning. Saachi meets Aryan and Aryan says he did not anything. Saachi says she trusts him more than herself, she will prove him innocent. Neeti calls her and informs that Nikita has come and is insisting to meet her. Saachi informs Sushanth and they both head towards her.

Saachi reaches home and asks Nikita why did she allege Aryan wrongly. Nikita’s maama/uncle Rajender enters. Prabhath says he is Delhi’s famous lawyer. Rajender scolds Nikita that he warned her not to come here, these people are ruthless. He starts lashing Sethia family. Viren says he trusts his jamai and is proud of him, hiss jamai cannot be wrong. Rajender challenges them that he will send Aryan to jail. Saachi confronts and warns she will prove her husband innocent. Rajender says let us see and asks Nikita to come along. Saachi stops Nikita and says she cannot leave without telling truth. Rajender shouts husband is molester and wife is a goon, what else this family can do. Saachi challenges him again. He challenges that he did not lose any case in life and this is his niece case after all. He walks out with Nikita, gets into car and asks Nikita how was trailer. She says good. He says they will show picture in court. Nikita smirks.

Next morning, Sethia family’s lawyer gives Aryan’s bail papers to inspector. Rajender gives counter bail papers and says Sethia family is very influential and can harm victim and send culprit underground, so he got bail on these grounds. Inspector says he cannot accept bail now.

Saachi waits outside and thinks of meeting Nikita. Nikita’s car punctures in front of Saachi and drives get out to fix spare tyre. Saachi meets Nikita asks to tell truth as Aryan cannot molest anyone. Nikita says Aryan is a beast and can harm anyone, he molested her and she ran away somehow. Driver says tyre is fixed. Nikita leaves. Saachi thinks Aryan cannot even speak loudly, how will he molest anyone, she needs to go to Aryan’s office and find out truth.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Aryan tells Saachi that after fire incident, he had installed secret cameras in office. Saachi finds CCTV footage. Guard calls Nikita and informs that Aryan had secret CCTV camera in his office and Saachi knows her truth now.

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