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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Naina comes to Raja and was happy calling the photos as best from her life. She says there is someone else as well who loves her dearly. Raja looks over the photos again, Rani wasn’t there in the window now. He thinks if that was only an illusion. Naina takes his attention, complaining why he is lost in someone else’s thoughts. Raja goes inside.
In the rest house, Raja wonders why he feels Rani is there somewhere around. He feels a presence around him and follows the cat’s paws to a room. The doors behind him gets locked, he turns over Rani’s call. Rani comes to him and says yes she is dead, leaving the body was easy but leaving Raja was really tough. She reminds him about their love for each other. He has broken his promise of loving her beyong life. Raja could touch her body as he keeps a hand over her shoulders. He was shocked, Rani complains he doesn’t like touching Rani anymore. Naina had changed him overnight. She says Raja betrayed her, their love and her memories. Raja asks if this isn’t what she wanted. Rani asks if he can really love someone other than her, their love can’t be as weak as to be limited by life or death. She holds Raja’s hands promising to be with each other forever. Naina comes calling Raja. Raja leaves Rani’s hand and goes outside. Rani appears on Raja’s front and asks him to leave Naina. Raja justifies he married Naina, she is his wife. A tear fell off Rani’s eyes as she insists she is his only wife, and would always be in his life. She asks him to leave Naina else… Raja was worried at once. There was a dust storm all around, the useable begin to float in the air.
Naina calls Raja’s name across the corridor.
Raja tries to unlock the door. Outside, Naina screams. Rani asks Raja if he is really worried for Naina, he knows well that she can’t see him worried. She was ready to get him rid of all his worries and unlocks the door. Naina had screamed watching Govind. She asks him about Raja, Govind denies and walks the other way. Raja asks Govind about Naina, Govind says she was just here. He must take care of her in such a place.
Rani walks hand in hand with Raja and lights the candles with a blink of her eyes. She moves her hand and the room was dark. Raja asks what this all is, Rani says they had married as well. They dreamed together. Now, she has got a chance to celebrate honeymoon with him, after all this is also a new life. She tries to get intimate with Raja but Raja pushes her away. The lights begin to blink as Rani fumes of anger. A candle fell over. Raja asks rani to try and understand the situation, he was worried about Naina. Rani asks if she doesn’t belong to Raja, that he is only concerned for Naina all day long. Raja was hurt as he hits the side of a table. Rani moves to him concerned. Raja says he is fine, Rani stops by saying she isn’t fine. He has nothing for her in his heart, and asks if their love has died as well along with her. Raja replies he can die by himself, but their love would always be there. Rani hugs Raja, and asks why he is moving away from her. Raja says he now loves Naina as well.
Outside in the corridor, Naina wonders why she feels Raja is calling her name. She thinks about going to the bed room.
In the bed room, Rani Fumes again hearing Naina’s name. She tells Raja that Naina must pay for hurting her.
Outside, Naina hears Raja’s call. Rani leaves the room. Raja stops her saying there is broken mirror. Naina couldn’t see anything. Raja announces they are returning to Mumbai. Naina asks why are they leaving so soon, but Raja wasn’t in a mood to reply Naina.
In the car, Raja looks on the back seat repeatedly. Naina also looks behind, wondering what he fears for. Raja says he has been unable to get rid of her past, no matter how much he tries. He apologizes Naina, as he couldn’t bear this place anymore. Naina asks why, he himself took her there. Raja feels dizzy at once, he could hear a voice from the recorder. Rani placed a hand over his shoulder and asks him for a reply. Raja loses the balance of his car. Naina asks what has happened, it seems he has seen some ghost. Rani was on the back seat of the car and tells Raja that his wife cannot see her until she wish to. She asks Raja to tell Naina she is right. Raja scolds Naina to stop inquiring pointlessly. Rani urges Raja to ask what she wants to hear. Rani’s eyes redden at once, Raja tries to stop the car but the car goes out of control. Naina was afraid. Rani tells Raja to say it, Raja finally accepts he is repenting. Rani smiles and leaves. The car comes to stop.

PRECAP: Raja tells Rani she isn’t Rani, she was aware of the value of 7 promises of marriage. Rani. Rani says Raja has forgotten the worth of those promises, she is determined to send Naina away. There, Naina assures Raaj Mata to love Raja as much as to only think about her.

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