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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rani tells Sunanda she doesn’t want to go to trip with Raaj, she doesn’t feel any connection with him. Sunanda tries to insist on her to go with Raaj, this will bring them close to each other.

Rani walks upstairs and finds a red heart there. Raaj comes from behind and asks her to open the door. A basket fell over with the step of her hand and firefly shine all across the room. Rani lay down on a bench near the bed and cries. Raaj enters the room and apologizes Rani, asking for a last chance. Rani asks what he has done to her. Someone pleads so much only when he has hurt someone deeply? Raaj says he really hurt her deeply, whenever she wants to speak he doesn’t listen, he doesn’t let her love him. He is angry when she gets annoyed at him. He is afraid to lose her, he fears she would leave him one day and he won’t be able to stop her. He loves her, what hurts him the most is that she doesn’t remember him. He wants his love back. Rani wonders whom to trust, the one who is standing here or the one who pushed her down the cliff. Rani says it’s not even easy for her, when she doesn’t remember anything about him. Maybe she recalls everything by time and gets as sweet to him as he is. Raaj thinks he has no time, he must play his next trick.

The driver brings Sunanda to the house the three are hiding. Doshi watches Sunanda come in and tells Maa and Sakshi to hide. He tells Sakshi there are thieves outside, they must not come out of the room until he tells him. He calls Raaj to tell him Sunanda’s men are outside his house, what to do. Raaj was alert of Rani’s presence and tells him to do as instructed. Rani wonders whose call was it, she wonders if she is overthinking.

Sunanda was trapped into heavy smoke when her security men enter. She sends them to find the three until her daughter gets back.

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Rani comes to knock at Raaj’s door and asks him to open it. She comes at the window. Raaj shows off that he was attempting to cut his nerves. Raaj shouts at him to open the door. Rani discovers the window had been unlocked. Rani stops him at once and hugs him tightly. She accepts she can’t see him in pain. Raaj asks her to forgive him and get him away from his biggest pain. He is even ashamed to tell her what she doesn’t remember, it’s his mistake if she doesn’t trust him today. He accepts any punishment, but he can’t live as a stranger for her. Rani hugs him silently. Raaj smirks victoriously.
Doshi brings Maa and Sakshi into a hiding. Sakshi asks if they would hide here. Doshi twists a bulb and a secret room opens up. He brings them inside and says this place is sound proof. This house belongs to their enemies, no one would ever think they are hidden here. He tells them this place has all arrangements for their food as well. He leaves to inform Raaj.

At home, Sunanda sends her men to find out whose house is that, she needs knowledge about everything. She was furious at where they have lost.
Doshi calls Raaj and says his family is save. Raaj says his mission would be accomplished toady. Raaj says today it would be proven if Rani actually lost her memory, if she has a memory loss she would let him close to herself otherwise not. Doshi says he would wait. Rani leaves from behind. Raaj thinks it might seem to be his craziness, but a little craziness is allowed both in love and hatred.

Rani comes to the temple and prays for help, handing herself over to the Goddess. She only wants to discover the truth. If Raaj is right or what her mother said is right.


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sunanda holds Raaj’s mother at gun point. Rani turns to push her hand and ask how can she hit someone? Sunanda says she killed her father, and may be Doshi was the one who tried to take her life. Raaj holds the gun and fires Doshi.

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