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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The doctor says sometimes prayers do what medicines can’t do for themselves. Raja comes to Naina’s room and thinks he won’t let Naina break. Vikrant was running towards Naina, Nani stops him there as Naina is not a nice girl. Mummy comes to say Nani and Laila insulted Naina, she is in this condition only because of Laila. She won’t let their false shadow over Naina. Nani takes Vikrant inside.
Laila was speaking to press against Naina. Raja and Mummy hear this. Raja goes there shouting what ill is Laila speaking. Laila says whatever happened to Naina is because of her acts. Raja asks if Laila wants to ruin her life, but she is actually showing off her own brought up. Raja gives the statement to media that Naina didn’t take a single step to be disgraced, she is a heroine in

her real life as well. Laila says Naina is disabled, she would never be a heroine again. The media reporter’s question Raja who would look towards her now, she has to reap what she sow. Laila replies she won’t get anyone’s companionship in her lifetime now. Raja breaks a table out of rage, then brings Naina downstairs into his arms asking if she trusts him. She replies more than herself. Raja burns the torn pieces of table. Raaj mata brings a match stick to burn the wood sticks. Raja takes the circles accepting Raja as his wife, he promises to be with Naina and protect her until he lives. He makes Naina sit on the chair, makes a cut over his finger with a knife and put the blood as sindoor into Naina’s hairline. Laila kept on reminding Raja about his promises to marry her. Naina watches Raja, with tears falling off her eyes.
In the evening, Raaj Mata perform welcome rituals as Raja stood at the door, with Rani into his arms, made up as bride.
Laila was drinking as she cried behind them. Raaj Mata blesses them to live happily. Raja helps Rani throw the rice bowl at the door and walks inside. Laila breaks the glass into pieces with the clutch of her hand.
Raja takes Naina into the room.
Laila thinks Raja has seen her love and her wait, but now he would only watch her hatred and her passion.
Raja takes Naina into his room’s bed and makes her comfortable there. He goes to bring her medicine. She asks why he brought her here. He asks should he have locked her into the basement. Rani says she can’t sleep well without mummy and Rekha. Raja asks if he should call them here. Naina confirms if he would. She tells him to get used to Muqa-lata, Raja corrects its mulaqat. Naina argues narrating a film, Raja was uninterested. Naina says neither he, nor she has changed; still everything changed between them.
Raja comes to the corridor and cries thinking about Rani. Raaj Mata comes to him and says he must not feel ashamed to have married Naina, Rani must be happy watching them together as she always wanted him to be happy. Raja says this is just a talk, would Naina ever become Rani for Dadu? He holds her face as she cries, Raja asks how can he accept her then? Raaj Mata hugs him. Raja cries saying he miss Rani a lot.
Laila hides a bag into Naina’s room as she lay awake, Raja comes inside then. Laila hides herself behind the door. Naina turns to face him, Raja goes to her help and Laila gets a chance to run away. Raja helps Naina sit on the bed and take medicines. He takes his pillow and goes to the other room. Naina curses herself for snatching his room. Raja tells her to get well soon, then he would make her sit in library. At the middle of night, Naina wakes up of nightmare about Vijay. She looks around. A snake comes out of the bag Laila had brought into the room.
PRECAP: Laila cries out of fear as the snake comes near her in the washroom. Raja attempts to open the door that had been bolted.

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