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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Raaj tells Rani that Vasundra has kept Sunanda hostage with her.
There, Vasundra comes to the secret room where Sunanda had been tied to the chair.
Rani panics about Sunanda, Raaj assures that together they will find Sunanda, Rani must trust him.
There, Sunanda asks for water. Vasundra brings a glass filled with water and spills it nearby. Vasundra was Sunanda stare at her and clutches her face saying she would make her suffer much now and would also not spare her daughter as she snatched her son from her. She ties Sunanda’s mouth again and leaves.

Raaj tells Rani that Vasundra is a very cunning lady, they must make Vasundra reveal herself where she kept Sunanda. Rani shares an idea with Raaj.
Vasundra comes out of the secret room. Raaj and Rani had come across the corridor together. They drop a vase in the way. Vasundra was alert wondering if someone saw her here. She thinks about being cautious as someone was here. Raaj and Rani had hidden behind a curtain in the corridor. Vasundra comes to the corridor, she looks around. Rani gets a sneeze but Raaj clutches her nose. They come out when Vasundra had left but Raaj drags her back again. They hold each other’s face. The curtain fell off over them. Doshi had come from behind. Raaj cheers they were saved. Doshi asks Rani what she is doing with the stranger. Rani tells Doshi about the truth. Doshi hugs Raaj and was relieved Raaj is with them. They get to their rooms.

The next morning, Rani wakes up in the room. She hears Vasundra speaking in her room. Vasundra says it’s so peaceful watching someone sleep this way. Rani was alert. Vasundra says she came to surprise Rani just as she surprised her. She brings something for Rani to eat. She says it’s her birthday and wanted to give her some sweet. Rani wonders what must be mixed with it, what if she kidnaps her like her mom. Rani stuffs Vasundra’s mouth with a spoonful of the sweet and says it’s her birthday. Vasundra says Rani would get a special gift for the way she took her away from her son, her family would strive for death even and she would get the desirable peace only then. She turns to warn Rani it’s only a beginning of the game, it’s her birthday but Rani would never forget the day. Rani was sure to make Vasundra lose her own game.

On the breakfast table, Raaj sings for Vasundra wishing her. Vasundra thanks them saying she doesn’t feel as if her family isn’t with her. Preiti notices the bowl in her hand. Vasundra says she made this with her own hands, her son loves this and always demanded for it. Raaj takes a bite saying he is also like his son. He holds her hand saying Vasundra gave him a new life, he owes a lot to Vasundra. He announces they would celebrate Vasundra’s birthday and promises her a gift. He hugs Vasundra and gives a thumbs up to Rani standing behind.

Raaj brings Vasundra blindfolded to the cake. He removes the cloth piece off her eyes and show her a trunk covered with red cloth. Vasundra asks what this is. Raaj hands Vasundra the key to the trunk and says this is Royal Fortune, he and Rani decided to gift it to her. Vasundra objects this belongs to Rani. Raaj says what’s Rani is his, and what’s his belongs to Vasundra. Vasundra hugs Raaj thanking Shera, Raaj speaks as Shera that this was what he always wanted her to get. He wish Rani comes before Vasundra can open the trunk. Rani calls from upstairs to stop. She says Vasundra can’t open this. Anandi asks why? Raaj was also in disbelief. Rani says she is saying what’s written in the will, it says she can sale or gift this fortune but her mother’s signatures are needed for the purpose. She can’t do anything against her mother’s will.


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raaj and Rani follow Vasundra, Vasundra was about to take the photo off when she realizes some presence and shuts the lights of the room off. She turns around and was shocked.