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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vasundra slaps Sunanda and warns her to sign the papers else she wants her to do the same with Rani. Rani reads the papers, Vasundra says she herself sent someone to Sunanda to get these papers signed. Rani was worried. Vasundra reminds her about her dead line. Vasundra boasts about her coming upto her challenge. Rani burns the papers saying she can’t do any better with the papers. Vasundra cries trying to put the fire off, hysterically. Rani warns she would unveil Vasundra’s true face within next 24 hours. Vasundra takes the challenge and deters to turn Rani into ashes. Rani prepares for cooking the meal for Brahmans. Vasundra comes with a box for Rani and tells her to open it while breaking her fast, she keeps the box as surprise. Rani was sure there is something hidden in the box for sure.

In the room, Raaj stays outside the door and tells Rani to stay vigilant. Rani finds a note inside the box with a smiley, she was irked. Vasundra places the box near the temple saying only one thing lacks in this preparations. She leaves gun powder nearby and awaits a blast here. Rani warns Raaj but he tells Rani to take care of cookings, he will keep an eye over Vasundra.

Rani was cooking. Raaj takes Vasundra outside. Soon they hear Rani’s scream, everyone hurries towards the temple where everything was at fire. Raaj spots Rani lying on the floor nearby, burnt and faint. Raaj holds Rani to the room. Vasundra smirks nearby. Vasundra thinks she is upset that Rani didn’t die, but she surely got a shock.
In the room, Rani cries as her bruises ache while the doctor places medicine over it. The doctor instructs Raaj to take care, the bruises would heal in time. Anandi wonders who did this, Rani thinks they can’t speak against Vasundra until they find Sunanda. Vasundra comes to burn chilies over Rani. She says it feels she has come to this house as a bad omen. Chitra calls it an accident only. She says what if Rani’s face had burnt other than hands, she tells Rani to take care of herself.

At night, Raaj comes towards his photo and thinks Sunanda must be somewhere here. He recognizes a box that came for Vasundra and wonders how it reached here. He opens the box, there was gun powder inside. In Rani’s room, Raaj showed Rani the boxes with gun powder. Raaj was furious over Vasundra. Rani says she was already sure no one can do this but Vasundra.

In Vasundra’s washroom, Raaj cuts the steam pipe and says Vasundra would now realize what the pain of burn injury is. He bolts the door of washroom when Vasundra goes inside and turns the geyser on. It was Sakshi not Vasundra in the washroom.

Raaj walks across the corridor, while Sakshi played with the steam in the washroom. She soon feels suffocation due to steam and cries because of it. The door had been bolted from outside. Raaj comes to Rani and watches her asleep. There, Sakshi was semi-conscious because of steam. Raaj walks outs of the room and finds Vasundra walking across the corridor, he wonders who was there in the washroom if Vasundra is here. He comes to find Sakshi in the washroom.
Vasundra comes to Sunanda with puppets of Raaj and Shera. Vasundra reveals to Sunanda she doesn’t only realize how Raaj was saved and turned to Shera.


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vasundra holds Chitra, Anandi and Preiti hostage, tied to poles and reveals to Raaj that she knows he isn’t Shera. She offers to play a game to get Sunanda back and holds a gun.