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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vasundra tells Sunanda she had spotted Raaj breaking the geyser pipe in the washroom. She came out and met Chitra who was looking for servants, she says Sakshi had to take a bath but there was no water in the washroom. She sent Sakshi to her room as the plan. She tells Sunanda it’s time to play her key card.
There was a knock at the door of Raaj and Rani’s room. They find astiya with a note outside the room, it reads She is sending his father’s astiya, Shera aka Raja beta. They were cautious. Raaj opens the pot but it was empty. Raaj tells rani Vasundra has known about his reality, its time they come for her confrontation. They come downstairs.
Vasundra was sitting on a chair with gun in hand. She asks if he liked her game. She tells them about her preparations for them.

Raaj and Rani look around out of confusion. Vasundra says she wants to play a game with them, if they win they will get Sunanda. Otherwise she will write the fate of Sunanda. She points towards the spectators of the game, the family members had been tied to poles of the hall their mouths stuffed with clothes. Rani doesn’t let Raaj move on. Vasundra says it’s the game of luck and time, she gives them a riddle to judge and get Sunanda. She then announces a twist in the game and says the gun as one bullet and there are three people. She gives them five minutes to judge the riddle, else one of them will die. She turns the stop watch on and tells them to hurry. Raaj takes the envelop, ‘you get betrayed as much as you watch it’; they suggest it’s dark. Raaj says only basement is dark. They run towards the basement but there was nothing.

Vasundra had shout the gun but it didn’t hit. Raaj and Rani were relieved, Vasundra laughs that Chitra came with good luck today. She now points the gun at Sakshi. Vasundra again sends Raaj and Rani to look around while she laughs victoriously. Raaj and Rani come towards the mirrors, they find nothing around it. Vasundra had begun the countdown. She pulls the trigger towards Sakshi but the bullet wasn’t shot. Vasundra again laughs at the fate of Sakshi. It was now Anandi’s turn, Vasundra gives them last five minutes. Raaj and Rani remember about Raaj’s photo. Vasundra was alert as they had reached the right clue. Vasundra leaves the gun and runs behind them. Raaj tells Rani he came here yesterday but didn’t find anything, Rani looks towards the photo.

Rani pulls the photo and were able to find the pulley. They come into the room and hear a tape recorder playing, save me, save me. Raaj and Rani think Vasundra fooled them again and were about to leave when they spot Sunanda walking towards them. They run to her and carry her outside.
There, outside they bring Sunanda towards the couch. Raaj asks about Vasundra and come to untie Chitra, Sakshi and Anandi. Anandi says Vasundra has run away. They come to Sunanda who was unconscious. Raaj goes to look for Vasundra. Raaj returns saying Vasundra is nowhere. Chitra tells him to take Sunanda towards room. Rani was thankful to God for meeting Sunanda, she finds the gun fallen on floor and notices the gun was empty. Rani thinks this means Vasundra didn’t want to kill any of them, she won’t accept defeat and lost at will.
In the room, Sunanda comes out of the bed and comes to the mirror removing the mask off her face. It was Vasundra.


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sunanda throws kerosene on the floor in the hall. Raaj takes Rani for a surprise, Sakshi comes along. Sunanda watches Rani slip on the floor.

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