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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sakshi apologizes Rani after washing her hands. Raaj hears there. Rani tells Sakshi that some mistakes have no come back. Raaj comes there and asks Rani to give at least a single chance. Raaj says if she can take care of his family, why can’t he. Rani reminds Raaj they are only posing to be husband and wife, and there is much difference between him and Rani. She leaves. Raaj wish Rani can forgive him soon.
Chitra assures Anandi that all will get well. Anandi was angry at Sakshi for welcoming Vikram jeet in such an ill manner. Rani comes there and assures Anandi that she will take care of Sakshi. She looks towards Preiti and Vikramjeet speaking to each other. Vasundra takes Vikramjeet aside. Rani comes to Preiti who shows her the necklace Vikramjeet gifted her, Preiti considers him a true gentleman. Vasundra comes to Sunanda and Anandi and accepts the proposal of Preiti. Anandi calls for sweet. Raaj comes to Preiti and Rani with sweet. Vasundra conditions that Rani and Raaj must sit for Havan together. Rani agrees to complete any of rituals for Preiti’s wedding. Vasundra asks for Raaj’s agreement as Rani is too sharp, then smiles.
The next morning, Rani was unable to pin her dress. Raaj comes to her help, he smiles watching her. Rani asks what? She thanks him, he says he must thanks her for letting him in. Rani says he knows flirting all the time only.

During the Havan, Sakshi was worried that no one is letting her into the Havan. She then recalls Rani warned her of getting scolded and goes to play with her doll. During the Havan, Rani withdraws her hand from grip of Raaj and holds the spoon from behind. Vikramjeet notices everyone was busy in Havan with their eyes closed and leaves the Havan. There, Sakshi was playing with her doll and gets down the bed to take the doll out. Vikramjeet comes into the room and watching Sakshi bent upside down he touches her back. Sakshi comes out of the bed at once and says she was afraid. Vikramjeet offers to take the ball from under the bed.

After the Havan, Rani goes to look for Sakshi.
Vikramjeet brings the ball from under the ball. He then tries to get close to Sakshi. She tells him to go away to play with the ball. Vikramjeet says he wants to play a secret game with Sakshi.
Downstairs, Vasundra plans Roka in the evening. Anandi and Sunanda were happy and thanks Vasundra for accepting the proposal. Sunanda looks around for Vikramjeet. Raaj says he would look for him, but Vasundra goes there instead.

In the room, Vikramjeet takes Sakshi aside for a secret game. Rani comes to Sakshi’s room, the room was disturbed while Sakshi wasn’t there. Vikramjeet kept Sakshi behind the wall partition and doesn’t let her make noise watching Rani, saying it’s a secret game between them. Rani calls Sakshi but Vikramjeet stops her from making any noise. He tries to molest Sakshi, she complains that his grip is very tight. Rani hears the noise and returns as she was alert. Vikramjeet shuts Sakshi’s mouth tight. Sakshi throws a doll over the vase, Rani turns around again and runs behind the wall partition. Vikramjeet and Sakshi weren’t there but the vase was turned around, Rani also spots blood over the mat under the vase.

Vasundra tells everyone that their family will do the Pooja in the evening. Anandi was excited to be a part of pooja. Vasundra clarifies she mentioned her family only, which means Vasundra, her husband, son and Preiti. Chitra holds Raaj’s hand who was irked. Anandi apologizes for misunderstanding. Raaj goes to call the Pandit.

Vikramjeet watches Rani come downstairs worried. She looks around for Raaj. Vikramjeet comes to Rani and asks for any help, placing his hand over her shoulder. She withdraws herself and spots Raaj. In the room, Raaj was shocked to hear and assures Sakshi must be playing somewhere. They head to look for Sakshi. Outside in the garden, Raaj and Rani were shocked to spot Sakshi lying on the floor unconscious.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani asks Vasundra to let Preiti wear what she chose for this day. Vasundra was enraged and warns Rani that this relation would work only if they abide by her.

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