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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vasundra laughs after the blast saying everyone is now her slave. Raaj and Rani come from behind. They tell Vasundra about their game, they had thrown the bomb in the pool away from themselves. Vasundra calls it impossible but the police had already arrived to take her. Rani tells Vasundra to live with her son in the jail that is her right place.
The family prayed in the temple, Rani says they were granted the strength to fight the evil. Raaj fills her hairline with the sindoor. Both hug each other after an intense eye lock. Raaj says no one can part Raaj and Rani away. The family hug each other together.

The next morning, everyone sat together. Anandi thinks if there is a son they will name him Raajputana. Rani says it must be short one, like Raaj. Rani wish she has a daughter. Raaj thinks about Vasundra’s deterrence while she had gone. Rani also goes behind him. Anandi taunts Rani is a tail of Raaj.
In the store room, Raaj burns a box saying it contains Vasundra’s luggage. He even wants to burn her shadow; even her name shouldn’t be taken in their house.
There in the jail, Vasundra counts days.

Rani comes to breakfast table then scolds the servant for such oily food. Chitra and Anandi discuss what happened to her. Raaj comes to the table, Rani looks towards him and scolds him for wearing filthy shoes. Raaj says she loved these shoes till yesterday. Anandi says such mood swings happen during pregnancy, she taunts they must all get used to Hitler Rani from today onwards. Rani doesn’t let Raaj sit and sends him to change his clothes and shoes.
At night, Vasundra was thinking about Raaj and his family, Rani’s boastfulness.

Rani comes to the room and finds glasses of milk decorated around on a table. Raaj comes to thank her for bearing such pain for him. He says he hasn’t even been able to explain his happiness, he only wants to say that… Rani asks what? Raaj was lost for a while, thinking about Rani. He says I love you to her. She smiles. Raaj kisses her hands. Rani drinks the hot chocolate. Raaj says he has done all these arrangements and all she cares for is Hot Chocolate. Rani thinks about doing something productive with his efforts.
Rani brings a teddy and trains Raaj to take care of their baby as he would do with the baby. Raaj says since teddy is lifeless he doesn’t get the feeling. He suggests about considering her as the baby, he will show her he takes her to the bed. Rani laughs.

In the jail, Vasundra thinks a few relations never leave one’s shadow. She will surely get out of this jail as she never learnt to get defeated.
In the bed, Raaj asks Rani what she would ask if she gets a chance to get one wish accepted. Rani wish their story is turned to a novel which everyone can read.
Sunanda laughs as Raaj takes a soup fifth time for Rani. Sunanda says this is the time a husband must serve and take care of his wife. Anandi and Chitra ask if he had poured salt and black pepper. In the room, Rani complains Raaj for being so late. Sakshi comes in and mix her flying kiss in the soup. Rani takes the bowl then gives it away as it smells odd. Raaj smells the soup saying it smells good. Rani says she doesn’t feel like drinking it. Rani says right now she wish to have… They all speak together Hot Chocolate Fudge. Raaj gets it instantly for her. Rani asks if he knew she wanted this, Raaj says this happens for so many days so he kept the servant standing outside with it. Anandi blesses them both.


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raaj was excited to see their twin daughters. At night, Vasundra kidnaps one of the daughters.

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