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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rani was in a state of disbelief and asks if he has done this for her property. Raaj tells her not to insult his revenge at the name of greed. It’s important for her mother only. Raaj drags Rani away while her mother keeps on stopping him from behind. They arrive at a cliff where there was thunder storm. Rani offers Raaj to come to her home, her mother might have a explanation. She says she has seen love in his eyes for herself, Raaj asks if she doesn’t trust him? It begins to rain heavily. Raaj shuts Rani from speaking any further, he says if she can’t trust him she must not turn a fake story true. If she is the most precious thing for her mother, he has snatched her away. He holds Rani saying her mother has lost her forever, she only belongs to him now. He denies loving her for a single moment, she is his enemy’s daughter. He questions if she can return everything his family has lost? Rani was speechless. Raaj says they can never be one. He takes Rani to the corner of the cliff. Rani insists Raja and Rani were and would always be together. Raaj pushes her off the cliff.

Raja hides the papers from rain and runs towards home. He tells Baba he has revenged Suminda Chauhan today, then calls his Maa and hugs her tightly. He looks towards the papers and was shocked to see the signatures had washed off. He cries and curses himself, as he couldn’t commit a huge mistake; he awaited this moment for whole of his life. Sakshi comes there upset that Raaj is crying. Raaj turns around, Maa sends Sakshi away saying he isn’t crying. Maa asks Raaj what has happened to Raaj, he always had love for humans they why he got hatred. Raaj says Suminda Chauhan killed her Raaj the day his father died. He will bring her to roads for sure.
Raaj comes to Rani’s place calling her around. Suminda and Anandi come there worried. Raaj says they had gone to the castle, Rani told him to wait there as she has a surprise for him; she didn’t return later. Suminda turns to ask Anandi what she has done to Rani. Suminda tells Raaj to send some men find Rani as she goes to inform police. Raaj thinks police will find the dead body of Rani. He comes to the room where there was Rani’s photo on a wall, he says I am sorry. She had no mistake in whatever happened. They both loved their families, it was a coincidence she was borne at Suminda. He says every time, God writes their story as a tragic one. The difference between these two lives of theirs is, justice for his parents is the most important thing for him. If it had gone as planned Suminda must be on roads, but his fate is never his side, he must begin the planning of his revenge again.

Some men spot the injured Rani near some trees. The men recognize the girl as Rani Chauhan whose news was published in the newspaper. Suminda gets a call about Rani. Suminda shouts Raaj’s name. In the room, Raaj repeats expecting Suminda would say Rani is no more. He runs to the hall. Suminda says Rani had an accident, she got a call that Rani’s condition is really weak. Raaj thinks what if Rani gets conscious. Anandi tells him to go. Raaj says he would reach their before them, they must bring the doctor.

Raaj comes to a hut where Rani lay with herbal medicine put over her face. The people leave him alone. Raaj calls Rani’s name and apologizes her, he realized after losing her what he had lost. He was helpless as he couldn’t be happy watching her live. He pulls the pillow from under her head, saying he has no other way. He says he won’t be able to revenge Rani if his truth is revealed. Before he could suffocate Rani, Suminda and Anandi come there. Suminda cries beside Rani, the men tell her they found her injured and brought her here. Raaj sits beside Rani, kisses her head and takes a chance to whisper to Rani that she must not tell anyone about him, else he must take another severe step against her.


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Anandi and Suminda bring Rani home and make her recognize her home. Rani recognizes her house, and Raaj as a blo*dy murderer.

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