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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Laila comes to the room and was about to break a vase when Rani came behind her. She tells Laila she isn’t afraid of her, she lied to Raja only because she knows Laila has a clear heart. She has seen how nice Laila is. If she give her injury to fill, she would regret whatever she is doing. Laila tells Naina people are either idiots or cunning, she doesn’t regret what she has done. Naina says she would one day, she will wait but Raja won’t. Laila was about to slap Naina while she holds her hand and says she won’t break over her condition. She was neither weak, nor she will again be. She gave Laila a last chance and would never lie for her again. Laila watches Naina leave.
In the corridor, Rekha urges Naina to give it a single try. Naina was sure it would hurt, but as Rekha insists she tries to stand up. Raja comes to hold Naina up, then makes her get seated again. Rekha was at a verge of crying, as what if Naina had fallen. Raja assures Rekha he will try with Naina, then comes to stand in front of her. Naina says she doesn’t want anyone’s support, Raja qualifies he came as a companion.
Laila shows Nani a powdered table in a bottle, she says this tablet takes a person into illusionary world. A person may hurt the other person in two to four doses. She was determined to turn Laila as mentally disables. Nani was worried.
Raja gives a hand to Naina. She looks helpless, Raja says they can’t cease to move on with the fear of falling. He holds Naina’s foot and places them over his shoes and drags her to stand close to him and slowly dances with her. Her feet ache. Naina gets into an illusion of dancing with Raja. As her day dream breaks she doesn’t find Raja around. Raja smiles at her from a corner, then walks towards her posing as if to fell down. Naina stands up out of worry. Raja asks her to come to him, she takes some small steps and was about to fell off. Raja holds her again, assuring he would always be there with her.
On the dinner table, Nani watches Raja feeding a bite to Vikrant. He was afraid to see her. Raja tells Naina not to place the color of their worries onto children’s heart. Nani silently joins them. Naina asks about Laila. There, Laila comes to Raja’s room, Lotus sat outside his room. Nani says Laila would eat in her room, Raja looks upstairs wondering why the lights of the room are off. Raja goes to check for Laila. Laila comes to the boy securing Raja’s room, and tells him to kill the spider in Vikrant’s room. The boys goes to check. Laila enters Raja’s room and replaces Naina’s medicine bottle with hers. The boy returns bringing a spider in his hand. Laila thanks him and leaves. Raja watches Laila drinking water in the corridor, and finds everything in place. He comes to the boy and asks if everything is fine? The boy replies positively. Laila thinks Raja and Naina would never be able to reach her tricks.
In the room, Raja asks Naina if she took her medicines and asks why she always wait for him for her medicines. Naina thinks she wouldn’t have been able to speak to him daily otherwise. Laila watches Raja stuff the medicine into Naina’s mouth. Naina has a dream about Vijay at night, she wakes up screaming. Raja comes to her while she kept on screaming. Raja even slaps Naina but she only cried. Raja tries to wake her up, saying its Raja. He is with her, no one can hurt her. Naina comes to realization and lay down. Raja lay down besides her on bed. Naina clutches his hand while sleeping, Raja holds it back. She then moves to his chest. Naina says I love you Raja, he says I love you Rani. Naina wakes up, then turns around crying. Raja turns the lights off and leaves.


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