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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Media had arrived with police to take Doshi. Raaj was furious and tells Doshi not to speak and make the media leave. Vasundra instead comes to give her interview and introduces Raaj as the brother of Sakshi. She vows in front of media that she will get justice for Sakshi and won’t bear any sin and unjust done to female in the country. Vikramjeet comes to stand by his mother, they watch Doshi taken away.
In the hall, Rani was enraged and throws the vase away. Vikramjeet comes to him and tries to hold her hands but she pushes him away. Vikramjeet says he only wants to help Rani and is being nice to him. Rani minds Vikramjeet he won’t be saved for long. Vikramjeet says he always win, no matter what. He tells Rani whatever happened was because Rani made him angry. Rani laughs and says she wonders what he would be if Vasundra isn’t with him, he must never consider himself as a man. He is only a puppet in hands of his mother. She warns he won’t be saved. Vikramjeet says many people tried to stop him earlier, but no one was about to do so. Rani says there is a difference between her and others. Vikramjeet says she will lose whenever she will try to step against him, first Sakshi, then Doshi and thirdly… Rani asks him for a way. Vikramjeet stops it deliberately and says he doesn’t only speak. Rani pushes him away and leaves.

The next morning, Raaj brings Rani outside. He tells her not to be angry, they await Vikramjeet will have bad time within next five minutes. They watch Vikramjeet come out of the bath. He takes a shirt, smells it and faints. Raaj and Rani come in.

Downstairs, Vasundra appreciates their punctuality. She asks about Vikramjeet. Anandi and Sunanda says Preiti and Vikramjeet have gone out for lunch. Vasundra was annoyed that she lost her son within a day. Anandi and Sunanda assures Preiti is always thoughtful about others. Sunanda takes a leave for two days as she has to go on a business meeting. Vasundra wonders how Vikramjeet can leave without having informed her.

Rani and Raaj eat while Vikramjeet sat tied on a chair. Raaj throws bites towards him, saying its not the feed of dog but as a way for his guests. Rani goes to get sweet for Vikramjeet. He smells it to be a bottle of honey. Raaj pours it over his bare body. Both mock to be afraid of Vikramjeet’s anger, then goes to get the guests.

In the function, Vasundra replies to the guests that Vikramjeet holds his work very important. She was worried about Vikramjeet and asks Anandi about Raaj and Rani. Anandi says they have gone to temple. Vasundra sends her husband to go and find out about Vikramjeet’s whereabouts.

Rani brings a basket full of rats. Raaj promises a huge treat to his guests and opens the basket. The rats run towards Vikramjeet.
Vasundra asks Preiti about Vikramjeet. Preiti says Vikramjeet didn’t reach her for lunch so she returned. Vasundra was worried about her son.
Rani says he was disgusted to a girl, he will now understand the one who doesn’t speak bites. They are setting an example for the men who use women only. Vikramjeet shouts at them to remove the rats. Rani and Raaj warns if he shouts, the rats would get even hungrier. Vikramjeet asks what they would get through this. Raaj says Vikramjeet challenged them, it’s about their ego; they wants to prove he and his mother doesn’t matter for them. Rani says he would now understand the meaning of pain. Vikramjeet asks what they wants from him. Raaj says his life now lies in the hands of these rats, they will make him cry now. The rats had climbed up his chest, he shivered out of pain. Vikramjeet says he has done what he had to.

Vikramjeet says this isn’t the first time he raped someone, it’s his hobby. He was able to get his hands free but Raaj holds a gun at him.


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vasundra asks Vikramjeet where he had been. A video plays behind them in which Vikramjeet had just accepted his sins and that Doshi was in the stage with Preiti. Vikramjeet holds Rani as hostage of his gun saying he would now finish everything.