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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Raaj points a gun at VIkramjeet. Rani asks if he likes playing with the grace of women. Vikramjeet says its his craziness, he gets uncontrollable when a girl cries in front of him. He feels empowered. Rani calls him cheap, downtrodden and a face of God. Vikramjeet says Rani helped him by sending Doshi to the stage, later he took over. Rani and Raaj approves of his confession. Vikramjeet says he is enjoying this game, he takes the gun from Raaj and points it towards him, then finds the gun was empty. Rani brings out a camera from a box nearby and tells him to be afraid of this camera, they have recorded his confession. Vikramjeet now comes to join his hands to them as his mother’s career would end otherwise. Raaj says he would never be forgiven for ruining his sister’s life.

Vikramjeet was ready to go to Sakshi and apologize her. He was ready to get to their feet, Rani doesn’t accept his drama. He finds a chance, picks up some mud from the floor and throw it over their faces, snatches the camera from their hands by hitting Raaj with a rod.
Download Vasundra gifts some property papers to an NGO. The media asks about Vikramjeet. Vukramjeet just joins Vasundra, both smile at each other. There was clappings and celbrations. Vasundra and Vikramjeet go aside, Vasundra asks about Vikramjeet’s whereabout. He tells her about the whole story. Vasundra was enraged. Soon, they hear a video of Vikramjeet’s confession played on multimedia. Vasundra looks towards Vikramjeet furiously. Preiti was shocked to hear there was Doshi on the stage. Preiti questions Vikramjeet what this all is, the ladies charge towards Vikramjeet. Rani asks Vikramjeet if he didn’t realize there wasn’t any footage in the camera he destroyed. He is creepy but more idiot. She tells Vasundra if she has another speech ready? Raaj comes to hold Rani’s hand, Raaj says this is their victory, and Sakshi’s as well. Rani tells the media that Vikramjeet and Vasundra’s respect is now revealed, now they have to decide if they must be respected or punished.

Preiti hugs Anandi crying. The ladies in the hall hold their shoes and charge over VIkramjeet. Rani comes to confront Vikramjeet saying even his mother won’t be able to save him. Vikramjeet was beaten by shoes. Vikramjeet takes hold of a gun from guard and points it towards Vikramjeet. Raaj comes to confront him and save Rani. Both wrestles, the bullet was shot. It was Vikramjeet hit on his chest, he fell down. Vasundra cries and asks her husband to call an ambulance.

In the hospital, Vasundra tells her husband that nothing can happen to her husband. The doctor comes to inform them he is out of danger. Vasundra was sure nothing can happen to her son. The police had arrived and says they would take Vikramjeet.
Raaj drops the gun off his hand. Preiti fell over the ground, broken. Rani comes to support them. Anandi apologizes them for mistrusting them. Rani says she has done only what she must have.

The police tells the doctor that patient is a criminal, until he gets conscious he isn’t allowed to meet anyone. Vasundra gets to her husband’s feet who says he warned Vasundra that she would repent one day for hiding his sins. He considers Vasundra a reason of turning their son to a wild animal. Rani asks Anandi to thank Raaj. Mr. Suryavanshi says today Vasundra has not only lost her son but her husband as well. Vasundra keeps on pleading behind.

Raaj comes to Preiti and apologizes for sending Doshi to the mandap and she got married to Doshi. Rani says she might not understand what’s going on with her, it’s tough but they wanted better for her. Preiti runs inside. Anandi asks Rani to give her some time. She was happy that Sakshi got justice. Raaj looks towards Rani.

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