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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman tells Kalavati that she will drop Veer to school and then will come and make food for her, asks her not to go to kitchen. Kalavati nods ok and thinks what was the need for Suman to become hanuman and take both families responsibilities on her shoulder. Sindhoora calls Kalavati. Kalavati says Suman went to drop Veer to school. Sindhoora says Suman took responsibilities of both homes and asks her to torture Suman and make her work hard, so that she gives up. Kalavati thinks Sindhoora wants to use her, and thinks her motive is changed now and she will go to stay in Mittal house. Sindhoora asks what are you thinking? Kalavati says she will give 10 workers work to Suman. Sindhoora says ok.

Kalavati is keeping washed clothes for drying. Suman says she will do the work. Kalavati asks her to go to her sasural. Suman keeps the phone for charging and tells that she will make food for her first. Kalavati thinks her dutiful daughter ruined her plans.

Manan tells Antara that he saw Dadisaa’s tablets in someone’s hand, don’t know if she is Suman or someone else. Antara says Suman never forgot to give medicines to Kalavati and decides to find out. Suman makes tea and gives to Kalavati. She says she will drop Veer home and will go back. Kalavati says ok. Suman prays to Tulsi plant and thanks for making her balancing respectively. Kalavati thinks she gave her application before her and tulsi Maiyya will hear her.

Chaman Kaka gives Dadi’s medicines to Nupur. Suman comes home. Nupur tells her because of her carelessness, Dadi’s life was in danger. Suman is shocked. Nupur says don’t know where did you go keeping her medicine, and says you couldn’t handle this house and were not here when you was needed here. Suman asks about her. Nupur says she is fine. Ranveer comes and asks Suman to come to room. He takes her to room and asks about her claims that she will be good wife, mum, bahu etc and says you have failed. He says because of your son, my Dadi’s life was in danger and says only Veer’s life matters to you. Suman says you are thinking me wrong and says I haven’t kept her medicines. Ranveer says Mom saw you taking her medicines and asks her to go to her son.

Suman says you are accusing me for the mistake which I haven’t done. She says my son is important to me, but that doesn’t mean that your or your family importance are less in life. She says Sanjana took medicine from my hand. Ranveer says you have answer for everything and can never lie being truthful. She says she will talk to Sanjana and prove that she is right.

Sanjana asks Sahil to give money and says she has to go for shopping to cheer herself. Sahil asks what she used to do in her mayka to cheer herself. Suman and Ranveer comes there. Suman asks Sanjana to come. Sanjana asks what she will do. Sahil asks what I will reply. They take her to Sindhoora’s room. Antara tells Manan where they are going. Ranveer tells Sindhoora that Suman said that sanjana took Dadisaa’s medicines from her hand. Sindhoora asks suman why she is lying and says I saw you taking medicine from Maasa’s room. Suman says I remember and says the moment I went out of room, I gave that medicine to Sanjana.

Sanjana says she didn’t take any medicine from her hand, and asks why she is lying? Suman says she must have forgotten. Sanjana acts to cry. Sindhoora says I know who is lying and asks her to be ashamed. Sanjana then accepts the mistake as a favor on Suman and says then you will get peace. Suman says may be she is afraid of her respect. She recalls promising to Kalavati and goes. Manan and Antara hears them. After They leave, Sindhoora asks Sanjana to be ok and says they have left. Ranveer says until when you will blame others to hide your mistakes and says all your projects can’t be completed by you and asks her to leave them. Suman thinks about Dadi’s sayings. A sad song plays in the bg.


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