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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Sindhoora gathers whole family to watch 25th wedding anniversary pics (actually show Sahil and Sanju’s intimate pics). Ranveer returns home from college and says Sahil that he needs to speak to him. Sindhoora says they will watch pics first. Servant brings snacks. Family joke and Sindhoora starts picture slide. They all happily watch party pics when Sindhoora plays Sahil puffing cigs and then his and Sanju’s intimate pics. Bade papa gets angrily and orders to close it. Sindhoora acts that remote is not working. Manan shuts slide. Sahil tries to leave, but Bade papa stops him. Sahil says these are wrong pics, Sanjana is trying to trap her. Sindhoora says Kalavathi sent these pics yesterday itself and she even deleted it, but then it is Sanju’s life’s issue. Ranveer thinks mom is lying as she feels it is best way to express truth. Sahil says repeatedly that Sanjana is trapping her, but nobody listens to him. Sindoora says she and maasa/daadi saw Sahil with Sanjana dancing intimately. Sahil says somebody mixed bhang in his drink. Ranveer says he is lying, even he, Manan, and Niharika they had thandai with him. Manan says Ranveer is right. Bade papa order Nupur and Brijesh to any decision after thinking well. Nupur starts crying and Brijesh consoles here. Sindoora smirks that her plan is successful.

Sahil angrily gets into Nupur’s room and takes out 20 lakhs from locker and calls Sanju. Sanju sees Suman and silently goes aside and picks call. Sahil asks her to come to some park right now. She says at this time. Sahil says yes. Sanju silently walks out. Suman asks where is she going. Sanju says Sahil has called to some garden. Suman says she will accompany her. Sahil is about to get into car when Ranveer stops him and insists to accompany him. Sahil gets him into car and reaches park, warns Ranveer not to come out of car and goes to meet Sanju.

Suman reaches garden with Sanju. Sanju goes to meet Sahil. Sahil gives her 20 lakhs and asks to get rid of his life. Sanju stands in a shock. Sahil says he knew she is behind his money. Suman watches that from a distance, goes and returns Sahil’s money bag. Ranveer sees Suman and rushes behind her. Suman yells at Sahil that Sanju loves him truly and he wants to buy he love. She yells at Ranveer that he is helping his brother. She leaves with Sanju. Kalavathi waits eagerly outside house. Suman reaches with Sanju. Kalavathi shouts where they had been at night. Sanju says to meet Sahil and tells her whole story. Suman says Sahil wanted to buy Sanju’s love, so she returned money. Kalavathi yells Sahil would not marry Sanju either ways, they should have got 20 lakhs at least. She shouts at Suman to get out of her house right now.

Ranveer takes Sahil home and scolds that Sanju loves him, but he was trying to buy her love. Sahil says it is his life’s issue. Ranveer says it is even Sanju’s live issue and he did a big mistake by stealing money. Sindhoora hears their conversation and informs bade papa and badi maa. She brainwashes them completely. Bade papa orders badi maa to tell Nupur and Brijesh to start Sahil and Sanju’s marriage arrangements.

Kalavathi continues yelling at Suman and orders to get out of her house right now. Sindhoora calls her and asks to start marriage arrangements as Suman’s act has forced Mittal family to agree for Sahil and Sanju’s marriage. Kalavathi praises Sindhoora that she fixed problem. Sanju says credit goes to bhabhi.

Next morning, Veer insists Suman that he wants to go for a cricket practice match. Suman says okay. Veer calls Ranveer and says he wants to go for cricket practice match and needs his help. Ranveer says he will meet him at 5 p.m. Veer gets read for cricket. Suman asks him not to take food from any stranger, be careful, etc. Veer goes out and meets Ranveer. Ranveer teaches him cricket. Suman sees a man playinn cricket with Veeer, but does not notice his face. She rushes towards them.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sindhoora tells Mittal family that Antara should be married to Manan. Nupur asks how can this happen. Sanju gives moral gyaan to her classes mate. Ranveer gets impressed and extends friendship hand. She thinks.

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