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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Episode start with dance. Dadi ask ranveer how was my surprise? Ranveer says you are rockstar.
Suman greets daadi and she bless suman and compare her like laxmi goddess. Daadi say now if I die.. suman and ranveer stop dadi. Dadi praises suman and ranveer pair. Nupur do the same.
Everyone ask sindhoora to come. Ranveer says he will bring Mom. Dadi hugs suman.

Sindhoora is shown crying in dark room. Sindu says Akash I will not come at all. Ranveer says Maa. Sindu says you should be downstairs with your happiness. Ranveer says whole happiness is incomplete without you. Sindu says you choose suman over me. You were my pride but now I am all alone. Ranveer says I can’t see you cry. Since childhood I did what you asked me to do. But for the first time I am taking decision.

Sindu intrupts and says you are taking wrong decision. Ranveer says suman is my life, and if I will not get her, I’ll die. He joint hand and say please maa. Sindu say I love you more than you love suman. So I do what you say. Now go and let me get ready, after all I am sindhoora mittal. Ranveer goes.

Sindu cries badly. She says Suman I shall not leave you, I will take revenge from you for sure.

Sindu comes in function with ranveer and thinks that I will never accept suman my daugter-in-law. I am here for my son only. You can get engaged but you will never become my bahu.
Dadi says I was confident that ranveer can do any thing. Nupur thinks now sindu jiji will come to know what happens when you have unwanted relations.

Kalavati goes to greet sindu, but sindu taunts her that you did wrong inspite my help and goes. Kalavati thinks Sindu will torture my sanju and antra, suman can do what she wants, but I can’t take risk on my daughters. I need to talk to Sindhura soon.

Dadi ask pandit ji to perform puja for 3 grooms and brides. And ask ranveer to make wear ring to suman. Sanju thinks I am going to be eldest daughter-in-law of mittal house and dadi asking them to perform rituals first.. and no one is saying anything. How rude!!

Dadi ask ranveer and suman to perform rituals. Antra and mann take them. Sanju gets irritated. Veer tries to go infront but kalavati stop him. Veer insist, kalavati pick him and show function.

Sanju sees Suman ring and gets shock. She says I am elder bahu here but this suman is getting more than me. Sahil will never give me near to this even. Sanju and Sindu get irriated.

Pandit ji ask ranveer to make suman wear ring. Dadi ask suman to move hand forward. Ranveer says that Suman I am accepting you with your past and trust me I will not take away your past memories but will make new memories with you and veer. Mann praises his thought.

Ranveer make her wear ring. Dadi ask suman to perform. But ranveer stops and ask veer to come. Dadi ask about it?? Ranveer say that I want veer to be with us in my family and make veer wear ring by asking his approval. veer nods yes. Dadi says you made all of us emotional. Suman heads to make ranveer wear ring. Sindu friends provoke her to do something if you hate this marriage. sindu open curtains and it catches fire.
Suman shouts veer and Mann shouts ranveer.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranveer saves veer and remove burned curtains.
Everyone says that how bad omen this is.
Sanju inform Sindu that Maasa slaped Ranveer to rejecct this alliance but..
And add if I could to do I break suman and ranveer relation just now only.

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