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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman asks neighboring boys to let Veer play with them. Kids say he can’t play. Ranveer says if he will make sixer in the first ball then will you let him play. The kids agree. Suman asks him to play. Ranveer asks Veer to concentrate on the ball. Veer hits 6 runs. Everyone appreciates him. Veer runs to Ranveer. Ranveer lifts him and says I know you can do this. Veer recalls Raman saying that his step father had beaten him and tells Suman that he wants to go home and don’t want a new father. Kalavati smirks and asks them to go. She tells Ranveer that Veer is growing up and understood the difference between his own father and step father. She says even Suman have understood her mistake and asks him to forget Suman. She then asks Manan to come home and have food. He says no.

Kalavati smiles and goes. Manan asks Ranveer not to think about Kalavati and is about to tell him truth, but stops. He says there can be anyone. Ranveer determines to win Veer’s heart.

Suman thinks she did wrong with Ranveer and thinks he didn’t do any mistake. Antara and Sanjana see Veer upset and tries to cheer him up. She apples lipstick on above her lips and shouts seeing herself in mirror. Kalavati comes and asks Suman if you know that Ranveer was there. Suman says yes. Kalavati asks why did you take Veer there and asks him to keep them separate. She says whenever Veer sees Ranveer, then he gets troubled. Suman says Ranveer is going to be his phupha ji’s brothers and they have to come face to face. Kalavati fears that they will unite.

Nupur comes wearing red saree. Dadi says we are going to Kalavati’s house to talk to Suman. Sindhoora says even I will come, and says Ranveer’s happiness is everything to me and I am sure that she will agree. Nupur takes selfie with Sindhoora and others. Sindhoora thinks to talk to Suman for Ranveer.

Suman and Veer are coming home. Krish drops Raman and asks him to call Krish uncle and says I will call Bhagwan ji. Suman tells him that nothing will happen with this. She says she is feeling bad to leave his house before marriage. Ranveer says let me try. Suman nods.

Veer asks Raman, how did you know Krish uncle. Ranveer says he met me in the evening. He says he has taken me for a drive and got toys for me. Veer says he is my Krish uncle. Raman says I don’t know and says if he will become your Papa then he will love you so much, Veer is sad and tells Suman that Krish uncle became Raman’s Krish uncle too. Suman asks him why is he worrying and says you have kept him away. Dadi and others come there. Dadi asks what happened suddenly. Before Suman can say, Kalavati says no child can accept other as his father. Suman says someone instigated Veer.

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