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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

Suman with Antara and Sanju steps into Mittal sadan. Badi maa senses her coming and smiles. Servant asks who are they, where did they come from, asks to come 2 steps ahead, closes door, asks whom they want to meet. Suman says Nupur ji. Servant walks in. Suman says how will they search Nupur. Sanju says it is like their house and they will find themselves. Servant goes and informs Nupur and badi maa that she has come. Nupur asks who has come. Servant says whom she called.

Suman sees home temple and walks towards it. She prays god that her MBA is a dream for her saasuma an nanads, god has to help her get admission and sail and get her passed. She sees no ghee in lamp and fills it. Flower petal falls from hand on holy book. Badi maa comes and asks who is she. She says she is Suman, she spoke to Suman. Nupur says she spoke to her, she read in her horoscope that she will meet a stranger who will bring success to their home. She takes her in with badi maa saying they will get even maasa’s facial. Ranveer comes and calls her, but she does not notice him. Ranveer thinks she is busy and picks petal from holy book and eats it and prays god. His cousin Sahil comes and takes him along. Sanju searches Ranveer’s room and asks servant where is bhaiya’s room. He says there are 3 bhaiyas. She shows bike number plate. He says it is Sahil’s bike and says he left just now. Sanju fumes.

Suman explains her products to Nupur, Daadi, and badi maa and says everything is for 3000 rs. Nupur asks all these treatments for just 3000 rs. Sindhoora comes and Nupur asks even her to get her facial treatment. Sindhoora yells it is a cheap expired product. Suman confronts her and says she prepares herbal products herself and they are completely safe. Sindhoora leaves fuming.

Sindhoora’s friend calls and taunts that she is broke now and her house is taken over by bank, even her phone balance may expire. Sindhoora fumes in anger and walks to her room. She shouts at her husband how dare he is to sell their house. He says they will stay here from hereon. She shouts that is why he got Ranveer’s admission here. He says yes, he informed bade bhaiya everyone and bade bhaiya is helping him in re-establishing his business. She shouts she will lose all her friend circle. Husband warns her whether she wants or not, she has to stay here and should not show her frustration out of this room. She walks angrily and sits on a swinger.

Sindhoora, Antara and Sanju does Daadi’s facial, badi maa’s manicure, and Nupur’s head massage. Nupur falls asleep with head massage and snores. Daadi jokes. Badi maa asks Suman to perform Sidhoora’s manicure and pedicure. Nupur insists Sindhoora to get it down, but Sindhoora yells and agrees finally. Suman performs per pedicure. Nupur gets her nail polish siting next to Sindhoora. Antara drops nail polish on Sindhoora’s sari. Suman gets tensed and tries to clean stains. Sindhoora wakes up and shouts at Suman. She starts yelling her sari is worth 40,000 rs and Suman cannot repay her debt even if she works for whole life. Badi maa asks her to calm down, she has cleaned bigger stains, this is very small. Sindhoora continues yelling. Suman takes her payment from Nupur and pays Sindhoora. Sindhoora throws money and says she is not that rich to repay and continues yelling. Suman confronts her and walks without taking money. Antara asks her to take money and not get too loyal. Suman says no and walks out with Sanju and Antara.

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