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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kalavati tells Dadi that kids find it hard to accept step parents. Sindhoora says Kalavati is right. Dadi says it is upto new parent how they handle the children. She says I am sure that Ranveer will not have problem. She says we can make Veer realize his goodness. Kalavati thinks they might ruin her plan. Suman says I can’t force Veer to change his decision. Dadi is hopeful and says she can understand. She tells Kalavati that they will leave now. Kalavati asks her to have food. Dadi says we will leave now.

Kalavati gives sweets to the neighbors. Ranveer comes there. Raman greets him. Veer looks on. Raman says he gets father feeling from him. Ranveer says where is your father. Raman says he is dead, but my mum married again. He says dadi don’t let him meet his mum or step mum. Ranveer asks him to call him Papa. Veer goes to Ranveer and hits him saying he is bad. He is about to go to suman.

Ranveer sees speedy car going towards Veer and saves him. He falls down and gets hit by the car. Veer panics seeing Ranveer injured and asks him to get up, says he wants him as his Papa. Ranveer gets up and hugs Veer. Veer says you are just my Papa and not someone else Papa. Raman comes and says Veer, you are lucky to have krish uncle as your Papa. Kalavati is shocked. Ranveer asks Suman if she will marry him now.

She recalls promising Sindhoora and tells Ranveer that she can’t marry him. Kalavati thinks Sindhoora will never agree. Veer asks Suman to give her bridal dress to Dadisaa. Kalavati says your mum is not getting married. Dadi comes with Sindhoora and asks Suman to agree, says Veer is their son now. Suman refuses. Sindhoora asks her to agree and folds her hands. She says one mother is apologizing to other mum. Kalavati thinks show did she have a change of heart and thinks if she really melt down. Sindhoora apologizes to Suman and says I beg Ranveer’s happiness from you. Suman says your tears have said everything, now I am sure that you can’t harm my son.

Sindhoora asks will you come home becoming my bahu. Suman nods. Kalavati is shocked. Sindhoora hugs Suman and says she will send her bridal dress and kisses on her cheeks. Ranveer hugs Sindhoora. Sindhoora says lets go. Kalavati is shocked. Later she sits in Sindhoora’s car and why did you call me. Kalavati says I can’t believe that you have apologize to Suman. Sindhoora says she apologize because of Ranveer and asks if you will support me or not. Kalavati says our friendship is finished, but I can support you if you stay away from Veer. Sindhoora promises her she will not do anything to Veer.She says she has made such a good plan that Ranveer will not marry Suman. She says this evening will be last for their relation.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baraat comes home. Suman gets a call and she leaves hiding her face.