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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ranveer wakes up and sees Suman sleeping while sitting. He gets up with a hang over and says he needs fresh air. He moves the curtains. Suman says she wants to know whose name he was about to take last night. Ranveer says he is feeling suffocated and will go. He tries to open the door and asks Suman to open it. Suman says she will not open the door until he answers her. Ranveer asks her to open the door and come with him. He pushes her and leaves after locking her. Suman knocks on the door. Manager hears the knock and asks what happened? Suman says she is locked inside. He brings master key and opens the lock. Suman searches for Ranveer. Manager also checks for him. Suman comes to Manan and Antara and asks about Ranveer.

Manan calls him and says his phone is off. Manager tells Suman that Ranveer is not in the resort and his car is not in the resort. Suman says we shall wait for him. In the evening, Suman thinks it is late now, he didn’t come till now. Sindhoora calls her and says you forced me to leave, and tells that Ranveer came home leaving you here. Suman gets shocked and thinks Ranveer left without her and don’t want to face the truth.

Kalavati brings tea for everyone. Badi Maa says Chaman would have made. Kalavati says I know nobody slept at night. Dadi says Ranveer didn’t have anything since yesterday. Nupur says what happened between them that he came back alone. Sindhoora tells that she will widen their distance. Suman and others come back home. Badi Maa tells Suman that Ranveer locked himself since he came back and didn’t have anything or talk to anyone. Suman is shocked.

Dadi asks Suman to go and talk to him. Sindhoora is about to go. Dadi stops her and asks her to let them solve the matter. Suman goes to room and asks why did you come back without me, I was worried about you, and here everyone is worried. They think that something happened between us and asks what to tell them. She asks him to talk to her and says matters get solved if talked about it. She asks him to tell what is bothering him. He says he don’t want to talk to her. Suman thinks why he is running away from her questions. His phone rings. Suman tells him that she will go and asks him to talk to that person. He tells someone that he has done whatever he asked, and says he will meet him at 11 pm tonight.

Suman recalls hiding her phone on record mode. She hears the recoding and thinks to keep eye on him. Ranveer gets up and goes. Suman also gets up and goes. Ranveer meets someone at an isolated place and asks what do you want, I am following your instructions. The man points finger at Suman. Ranveer and that man hides. Suman thinks who is he? Ranveer comes infront of her and asks if she was spying on him. Suman asks if this will end. Ranveer says yes and says you will know in the morning.

Nupur asks Antara to make jalamrit. Antara goes. Dadi comes and hopes God makes everything fine. Nupur says everything is fine, I saw them coming together. Suman comes and takes their blessings. Dadi asks her to call Ranveer. Sanjana tells that Sahil went for work. Antara goes to call Manan. Suman comes to room and asks Ranveer to come as Dadi called him for puja. Ranveer stops her and asks her to take answer for her all questions. Suman is shocked to see divorce papers. Ranveer asks her to sign on it.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nupur takes divorce papers from Suman’s hand and asks her to sit for puja. She keeps papers on table. Sindhoora comes and picks the tray and looks at the papers.

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