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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman gets ready for marriage. Ranveer comes with the baraat. Suman prays to God for happiness in their life. She gets a phone call and is shocked. She thinks to go from there. Antara knocks on the door telling her that baraat came. Suman says she will come and asks her to go. Kalavati does aarti of Ranveer. Suman wears shawl and leaves from there. Kalavati tries to pull his nose. Ranveer moves back. Suman gets goon’s call asking her to come to some place to get her son and asks her not to tell anyone about Veer’s kidnapping. Suman asks driver to take her to Dussera maidaan. Driver says it is far and he will not take her. Suman takes out her bangle and asks him to take it. She sits it in auto and goes.

Badi Maa tells Dadi that Suman is nowhere in the house. Kalavati and Sindhoora sign each other. Ranveer says I will check. Suman comes to the Dussera maidaan and calls Veer aloud. She cries. Ranveer calls her. Suman doesn’t pick his call. Ranveer calls her again. Suman picks the call and cries. Ranveer asks why you are crying? Suman tells him that someone has kidnapped Veer and says she is there, but nothing is here. Ranveer asks where are you? Suman says she is in Dussera maidaan. Ranveer asks her to calm down and says he will come there. Goon comes there and makes her smell chloroform. Ranveer hears the noise and says Suman. Goon keeps Suman’s phone in his pocket without noticing that the call is on.

Suman gets unconscious. Pandit ji asks Ranveer to sit. Ranveer tells that Suman and Veer’s life is more important than the mahurat and says Suman and Veer are kidnapped. Everyone is shocked. Manan and Sahil tell that they will come with him. He asks them to be there and leaves in his car. Dadi says who might have kidnapped them. Antara says same person who have attacked Suman before. Kalavati says Sonali is not here but. Antara looks at her. Kalavati thinks to keep check on Veer and goes. Ranveer hears goons talking about the location where they are taking Suman and drives the car.

Kalavati asks Sindhoora if she has done this? Sindhoora says yes. Kalavati asks where is my grand son. Sindhoora tells that Veer is in storeroom. Kalavati asks have you gone mad to lock him in storeroom, he might be feeling suffocated. She says lets go and take him out. Goons bring Suman to the steel works place. Ranveer asks the person where is it? The goons take Suman to steel factory. Ranveer also comes there.

Other Goon notices call is on and switches off phone. Ranveer goes inside the steel factory. Kalavati comes to the store room and calls Veer. Sindhoora also calls him and gets shocked. Kalavati asks where is my grand son. Goons tie Suman, Veer is also tied there and asks them to leave his mum. Sindhoora tells that she really doesn’t know. Antara looks at Kalavati. She says she really don’t know where are they?Goons tie cloth on Veer’s mouth. Goon talk to someone and says he knows what to do. He throws water on Suman and laugh on her. Ranveer comes inside and finds Suman’s dupatta piece. He thinks she is here.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The goons gives injection to Suman and plan to misbehave with her. Dadi tells that no marriage will happen now until Ranveer and suman returns. Antara says yes. Kalavati gets tensed.