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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ravi checks his name written in the book by Suman and says I hope you will never forget your husband’s name again and I hope you don’t do this homework again. He goes to give list to Shakti. Suman looks on helpless. She gets Antara’s call and asks how is everyone there. Antara says no and tells that Ranveer drank wine and was saved from falling down from the terrace. Suman is shocked and asks her to make him understand the truth. Antara says Ranveer can’t forget you, it is very difficult. She tells that Sindhoora tried to kick them out and let them stay with a condition that they shall not have any relation with them. She says we can’t come now and if I try to make Ranveer understand then Sindhoora will get angry. Suman cries being worried for him. Antara ends the call.

Kalavati comes there and asks what happened? Suman says she will check Veer. Kalavati says he will be fine and asks her not to worry. She asks her to call Sanjana and Antara and says she wants to talk to them. Suman says they are asked not to have relation with us. Kalavati is shocked and blames Suman and Ranveer for marrying each other. She says don’t know when I will talk to my daughters.

Sindhoora is sitting beside Ranveer and crying. He wakes up and asks why she is crying. She says she is not crying, but tears are coming out. She says if anything had happened to you then what we would have done. Ranveer says how to tell you that Suman is my life and not part of life.

Sindhoora says do you know how a mother feels when she sees her son in this condition, but you proved me wrong. I thought you are strong and asks why is he ruining for the girl who has betrayed you. Ranveer says she didn’t betray me. Sindhoora asks if she called you and asks how are you? Ranveer thinks he can’t let himself break as Suman will never want him to see in this condition. Sindhoora says my son don’t want to listen to me. He promises not to drink again and says sorry. They cry.

Veer is having high fever and calls Papa. Doctor asks who is his papa? Ravi says he calls Papa to some relative also. Doctor suggests him to call him. Ravi thanks him and asks Shakti to send him off. Suman tries to talk to him. Ravi says Ranveer will not come again, and says Veer will not die if Ranveer don’t come. Suman is shocked and says how can you say this for your son. She recalls Ranveer and Veer’s bond and love. She thinks there is a much difference between Ranveer and Ravi.

At the dining table, Dadi tells that God saved Ranveer else she would have died. Bade Papa says they have to take care of him. Sahil and manan tell that they will be with them. Ranveer comes. Nupur asks him to sit and have parathas. Ranveer apologizes to Dadi and others, and asks how can I be selfish not to think about my family. He says he is thankful to God for such a lovely family and apologizes, promising not to repeat his mistake. Dadi cries and says you don’t need to apologize. We have no complaints with you. Ranveer hugs her and cries. Nupur says when you are happy, we all are happy. Ranveer says he will not cry and tells that he is hungry. Antara feeds him food and sees him wiping his tears.

Shakti asks Kalavati what happened and asks her to make him laugh. Kalavati scolds him. He goes out. Ravi comes and says good morning to Kalavati. Kalavati says she couldn’t sleep entire night as Sanjana and Antara are asked not to meet us and blames him for the same. She says if you had told me, then I wouldn’t have gotten suman married. She insists to know the truth. He says he will tell when the right time comes. Kalavati says if you don’t tell me then I will not talk to you. Ravi closes the door and says he will tell her. He asks her to promise not to tell anyone. Kalavati asks what did you do? Suman hears him. Ravi says he has done fraud of crores. Kalavati and Suman are shocked.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi hurts Suman and twists her hand blaming her as Veer is calling Ranveer as his father. Suman says she will make him understand. Veer sees Ravi hurting Suman and brings a stick asking him to leave his mum. Ravi lifts Veer and asks how dare you to raise hand on your father. Suman is shocked.

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