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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ranveer asks Suman to sign on the divorce papers. Suman looks shocked. Judaai song plays..Ranveer gets tears in his eyes as he walks out of room. Khogaya song plays. Suman thinks Ranveer wants to give me divorce, wants to go far from me, he hates me so much. She thinks he can’t divorce me, someone else is forcing him and decides to find out. Suman comes out. Nupur takes the papers from her hand and asks her to sit. She keeps papers on the table. Badi Maa asks Sindhoora to bring bananas kept on the table. Suman says she will bring. Badi maa asks her to sit. Sindhoora picks Bananas and is about to pick Papers, but goes as Badi maa calls her. Chaman Kaka comes, picks papers and thinks it is of badePapa. Suman calls him. He keeps the papers on the table. Suman asks him to check kheer on the gas stove. He says ok and goes. Veer and Kalavati comes there. Papers falls down on Veer’s feet. Suman gets tensed.

Kalavati checks papers and says she couldn’t understand what is in it? Pandit ji asks them to sit for havan. Dadi asks Ranveer and Suman to sit infront. Pandit ji tries to light match stick and asks for the paper to light the wood of havan. Suman gets up and says she will bring paper. She brings papers and gives to Pandit ji. He lights the papers with match stick. Ranveer is shocked to see that it is divorce papers. Suman says you asked me to sign then see this is my answer. Ranveer says what do you think that I will not give you divorce and says you will get new divorce papers. Suman says she will not sign on the papers until he tells her real reason of divorce. Ranveer says you have to sign. Pandit ji asks them to put ahuti on havan.

Ranveer tells the mystery man that Suman burnt the papers, but he will give her divorce papers again. Veer comes to Ranveer and asks for his pic to be pasted on family tree. Ranveer says Ravi’s pic will be pasted here. Suman comes and gives him Ranveer’s pic. Ranveer asks why did you give my pic. Suman tells him that if she is his wife then Veer is his son

Shakti apologizes to Kalavati. Antara says if Suman plans anything again then. Kalavati says we have to keep eye on her. Veer brings family tree and shows to Kalavati. Kalavati asks why did you pasted Ranveer’s pic and says Ravi is your Papa. Veer says Maa asked me to paste this Papa’s pic. Suman thinks Ranveer is not talking to her. Kalavati comes to Suman and threatens to take her mother’s rights of Veer if she snatches Ravi’s rights from him. Suman thinks she did this to make Ranveer realize of his promise. Sindhoora asks Kalavati what happened? Kalavati says nothing. Sindhoora asks where did she go when she went for honeymoon. Kalavati says she went to save the furniture. Sindhoora asks her to make green tea. Antara says she will make for her. Sindhoora thinks to do something.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suman asks Ranveer who is forcing him to take such step. Ranveer says it is his own decision. Veer hears them. Suman says you got married to me and now wanting to give divorce. Veer asks Kalavati what is divorce? Kalavati is shocked and questions Suman.

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