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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Kalavathi munching snacks fumes in her room that Suman foolishly did not accept money over her self-respect. Suman knocks door. Kalavathi hides snacks under pillow and says if se has brought food, she does not need it. Suman says she has brought money. Kalavathi opens door. Suman gives her money and says with this money, her fees is complete. Kalavathi asks how did she get so much money, if she stole. Suman says when she did not give her wrong sanskars, how will she steal money, it is her hard earned parlor money. Kalavathi continues her emotional speech ad asks to go and serve food to Antara and Sanju.

In the morning, Suman dries washed clothes. Kalavathi scolds her to hurry up as it is her first day of college. Veer gives moral gyan not to fight with teacher, to obey teacher,etc.. Antara and Sanju wish her good luck. Kalavathi accompanies her to college and asks her not to mingle with anyone else and just concentrate on her studies. She continues that she is very innocent and should not get fooled. Once she passes 2 years of MBA, neighbors will praise her, etc.. She asks to not take out her pallu as it is her family’s pride. Once college comes, she pays money to driver and asks Suman to go in. Suman asks her to go back in auto and not in bus, she cannot see her in pain, etc. Kalavathi agrees and asks her to be careful.

Suman walks into college and prays god to guide her always. Ranveer passes by and without noticing clashes on her. She falls down. He apologizes and extends hand to help her. She gets up holding her hand. Jo barse sapne boond boond…song…plays in the backgorund. Ranveer stands staring at her. Suman scolds if he cannot watch and walk. He asks not to scold her, he has maa, chachi and taiji at home. She asks if she asked. He gives long lecture and says they both will apologize each other as it is their mistake . She says it is only his mistake and bends to pick her papers. Ranveer says really and unknowningly steps on her pallu. She starts weeping. He says it is her mistake and showing attitude. She stands weeping.

Sanju looking at Sahil’s pic thinks of sending him friend request and sends it, then panics and shouts. Antara drops plate hearing her shout. Kalavathi scolds her. Sanju thinks she should not have sent request, she will call him and apologize. She calls Mittal sadan’s landline. Servant picks and drama starts. Sahil takes call next. Sanju says it is her. He asks who. Kalavathi asks whom she is speaking to and takes phone.

Suman submits her form in office. Clerk asks what is student’s name. She says Suman Parmar. He asks where is she. She says it is her. He says she did not fix her photo and asks her to complete form properly. She takes glue and fixes photo and resubmits form when Ranveer also submits his form. Suman says she came first. Argument starts. Clerk asks to hurry up as he has only 10 min. Ranveer argues. Suman snatches and throws his form and it falls in dirty floor cleaning water. Peon scolds him. Ranveer fumes that he will not spare this girl.

Suman pays her fees and clerk asks him to collect her books from counter #10. Suman turns and fumes that when Ranveer did not want to submit form, why did he pester her. she walks away. Ranveer submits form. Clerk says DD has washed away and if he does not submit new DD today, he will not get admission. Ranveer pleads to spare him 2 hours, he will speak to principal. Clerk says principal left for home and today is last day, his time is finished and walks out. Ranveer fumes that he will not spare this girl at any cost.

Sahil asks Kalavathi who is she. Kalavathi scolds Sahil that his mother is speaking, if he is not ashamed to call girl’s house, he will forgot his name if he calls again, etc. Sahil asks if she is has gone mad, he did not call her. Kalavathi fumes and redials. Sindhoora picks call. Kalavathi scolds how dare he is to call her mad and disconnect call. Sindhoora asks who the hell she is. Kalavathi says hell bell later, whoever she is to tell her son not to disturb her daughter, he dialed Kalavathi Parmar’s number. Sindhoora says she has really gone made, she is venting some one’s anger on some one else, she is Sindhoora Mittal speaking.
Ranveer searches Suman and finds her walking, follows her, but then loses track and searches her again. Suman is seen searching book block nearby.

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :In classroom, Ranveer sits next to Suman speaking over phone to someone. Suman stands up.

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