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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dadi says don’t know how is Suman and Veer, and if Ranveer has reached him or not. Sahil calls Ranveer’s number. Ranveer gets Suman’s dupatta cloth and her sandal. He thinks it is of Suman. He gets Sahil’s call and rejects it. Goons hear the phone ringing and gets alert. Dadi prays to God. Goons tell that they shall leave, but before that they shall do one work. Sindhoora tells that mahurat shall not go, and says we shall let Antara and Sanjana married. The goons gives injection to Suman and says she will wake up after marriage mahurat. Bade Papa agrees with Sindhoora. Dadi says no marriage with happen without Ranveer and Suman. Antara says we will not marry until Ranveer brings Suman. Sanjana is upset.

Ranveer goes inside the room where Suman is tied. He sees Suman unconscious and tied and Veer is tied too. He opens rope from Veer’s hand and comes to Suman. He sees blood on her neck and opens the rope. He tries to wake her up. Kalavati worries for Veer. Nupur asks God to keep them fine and does mannat. Sindhoora gets irritated. Sahil says Ranveer is not picking call.

Akash comes and asks if he comes to know anything. Bade Papa says no. He says what to tell guest and says they shall call Police. Sindhoora says don’t know how are my kids. She says she will meet Inspector. Kalavati is about to tell the truth, just then Ranveer brings Suman and Veer there. Brijesh goes to call doctor who is among the guest. Dadi asks why she is unconscious. Ranveer says kidnapper gave her injection. Doctor checks Suman. Ranveer shows the bottle. Doctor says it is a heavy dose and she can slip in coma. Sindhoora thinks Ranveer came at right moment and saved her. Ranveer asks her to wake up. Veer cries asking her to wake up. Ranveer wakes her up.

Doctor says don’t let her sleep for 4-5 hours. Dadi says she has to marry Ranveer and will not get time to sleep. She asks Sindhoora to make Suman get ready for marriage. Bade papa asks Ranveer, how is he? Ranveer says he is fine and says he has decided never to leave Suman and Veer alone. Dadi says you both will get tied in seven vows and then you have to take care of her. Dadi says lets go, Sindhoora will bring Suman. Sindhoora tells Suman that her life will be full of troubles and pain. She applies lipstick to her. She says this necklace is like death trap and promises her to make her life hell. Suman asks what happened? Sindhoora thinks she was dreaming and acts good with Suman.

Ranveer-Suman,Antara-Manan, Sahil and Sanjana exchange garland. They smile looking at each other. Dadi tells badi maa that she is happy today. Suman and Ranveer think about each other.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranveer and Suman along with Veer take rounds. All of them get married. Sindoor bottle falls. Ranveer and Suman look tensed.