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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ravi tells Kalavati that he wanted to settle down in foreign with her, sisters and everyone, but because of the fraud, one family committed suicide as they lost huge sum in that fraud, things got worst after their death. Suman hears him and is shocked. Ravi says before Police reaches here and troubles you, I fake my death. He says he works for a Don in Dubai who had managed to dismiss the case. He says he used to get all info about them. When he came to know about Suman’s remarriage,

he returned back. Kalavati is shocked and slaps him hard for killing people for greed. Ravi says he wanted a better life for her, his sisters etc. He says if he had known that someone will die then he wouldn’t have done this. He says I don’t want to see you in misery and wanted to give you life which I wished.You used to say that you will get Sanjana and Antara married in a rich house, and for that much money was needed.

Kalavati says she don’t want his blo*dy money. Suman thinks she can’t stay with such cheap and criminal person. Ravi says we are not less than Mittals in money and power. He says I promise that Sanjana and Antara can come and meet us whenever they want and apologizes.

He promises not to do anything wrong in future. Kalavati asks if he is really repenting for his mistake. He says yes. Kalavati asks him to promise that he will not do anything wrong and gives her promise. Ravi promises her and asks her not to tell this to Suman. He says he told Suman that he was trapped. Kalavati says ok and tells that she is going to a marriage function with Shakti. Suman thinks he eloped leaving his mum, sisters, wife and son here after doing fraud. He is not having any repentance and earning illegal money while working with Don. She thinks she can’t live with a criminal and cheap man.

She comes to Veer. Veer tells her that he don’t like this bad Papa and wants his Ranveer Papa. Suman asks him not to say that. Veer says if he don’t take us then I will beat him. Ravi hears him and asks Suman if she is teaching him this. He holds her hand and takes her to other room. Ranveer tells Dadi and others that his tickets are confirmed to London and got admission in college there, and says he will complete his MBA from there. Dadi is shocked. Nupur asks why you are going? Ranveer says this is the right decision. Sindhoora asks him to concentrate on his career and gives best wishes. Ranveer thanks her and asks Dadi not to cry. Dadi asks how I will live without you, and says don’t know if I will get your shoulder or not. Ranveer says it is difficult for me to go, and says he took this decision to start afresh and promises to come and meet them. Dadi asks him to come often.

Ranveer says he will do the packing and goes. Ravi takes Suman to other room and asks who is Veer’s father. If Ranveer is his father. Suman is shocked and cries. Ranveer twists her hand and says his blood boils when his own son calls papa to Ranveer. He says he waited to meet him for 5 years, and when they met, he called Papa to Ranveer. He pushes Suman hurting her. Veer happens to witness it and brings stick, asking Ravi not to beat his mother. Ravi lifts him and asks how dare you to beat your own father. Suman asks him to leave him and says he is your son. Veer gets shocked and scared. Ravi asks him to make him understand. Suman says he will call you Papa only. Ravi goes. Veer says this uncle is bad. Suman says he is your papa, you are our son. She says if you don’t call him Papa then he will beat him. Veer agrees to call him Papa for her sake. Suman thinks why did he return in our lives, again same torture, beating etc. She hugs Veer and cries.

Ranveer packs his bag. He sees Suman’s sarees and jewellery and remembers the moment spent with her. Chadariya song plays…He sees Veer’s family tree which he made with Suman and their pic. Manan and Antara come to his room and see him crying. Antara couldn’t see him crying and goes. Ranveer hugs Manan and cries.

Suman asks Veer to sleep. Veer asks can I talk to Ranveer papa. Suman says no and asks him to sleep. Antara calls Suman and tells that Ranveer is going to London tonight and is in really bad state, still crying. Suman is shocked and thinks because of her badluck, Ranveer have to go far away from his family.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer calls Ranveer and cries. Ranveer asks why is he crying. Veer tells him that bad Papa is beating Suman, and asks him to come and save her. He comes there and sees Ravi beating Suman. He holds her hand and asks her to come. Ravi asks him to leave else he will shoot him. Ranveer says I can’t leave Suman with a devil animal and asks him to shoot. Suman and Veer are scared.

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