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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ranveer-Suman, Manan-Antara, Sahil and Sanjana exchange garland. They sit for marriage. Sanjana sees Sahil upset. Antara smiles seeing Manan. Veer brings Suman to mandap and makes her sit. Sindhoora thinks she can’t lose, and thinks she will make her life hell, so that she begs infront of her to let her leave. Ranveer asks Veer to sit with them. Suman is happy. Pandit ji asks Kalavati to do ghatbandhan. Kalavati does ghatbandan of her daughters and son in laws. Pandit ji asks Kalavati to tie ghatbandhan. Kalavati says how can I do ghatbandhan being her saas. Ranveer says Veer will do ghatbandhan as he is special.

Veer ties the knot. Suman smiles. Kalavati makes an annoyed face. Pandit ji asks them to stand for rounds. Suman takes Veer in her lap. Kalavati asks will you take Veer in your lap while taking rounds. Suman says Ranveer will be her husband and Veer’s father from now. They take the rounds. Ek Vivah music plays….

Pandit ji asks brides to step forward for the remaining rounds. Once rounds complete, he asks them to sit and asks groom’s mum to give sindoor to their sons. Sindhoora gives sindoor bottle to Ranveer, and make it slip. Pandit ji says it is very inauspicious. Guest lady says some abshagun will happen. Suman gets tensed. Ranveer holds her hand and tells guest lady that sindoor and mangalsutra give identity to relation and it is in their hands to give respect and love and it is difficult to break their relation. Suman gets emotional. Ranveer says I will get another sindoor bottle.

Pandit ji asks him to take sindoor kept for puja and gives to Ranveer. Sindhoora is about to touch it, but Ranveer says he will take it. He fills her sindoor on her forehead. Suman gets emotional. Sindhoora feels bad. Sahil and Manan also perform the ritual. Suman thinks about guest lady’s words and is tensed. Ranveer holds her hand and sign her not to worry. Pandit ji asks grooms to make their brides wear mangalsutra. The grooms make their wives wear mangalsutra. All brides smiles. Dadi blesses the newly weds and says she is very happy as her last wish is fulfilled. They take everyone’s blessings.

Sindhoora says Antara and Sanjana are Suman jethanis now and asks her to take touch their feet. Suman says you said right and touches their feet, but they refuse and hugs her. Sindhoora thinks she will make her life hell. Kalavati thinks Sindhoora did right to have shown Suman’s place to her and thinks she shall trouble Suman very much, so that she returns to her.

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