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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sindhoora makes the water falls in Suman’s plate so that she can’t have food. She then apologizes and says water went in your plate, and says she will clean her saree. Dadi asks Chaman if there is food in kitchen. Chaman Kaka says food is finished. Sindhoora says now she have to be hungry. Suman says she is not feeling like eating and asks everyone to have food. Ranveer comes to kitchen and makes kheer with Chaman kaka’s help. Sindhoora comes there to keep the plate and sees him making kheer. She thinks he asked me not to keep fast, and then making food for me so that I don’t be hungry. Ranveer thinks she can’t know how much he loves her, and thinks they are together for last time. He asks her to have kheer. Sindhoora thinks he is making kheer for her. Suman says she can’t have kheer now as sun rise happen. She asks why he is doing this for her when he wants to divorce her. Ranveer says he is doing for his family. Nupur hears them. Suman asks him to tell why he is doing this.

Dadi calls them and asks them to clears the misunderstandings. She says she wants them to be together always and think this as he rlast wish. Ranveer promises to make everything fine. Dadi says I know my favorite grand son will not refuse me. Ranveer gets up and goes. Sindhoora hears them and thinks she won’t let them unite.

Ranveer thinks about Suman’s words. He gets angry and jumps in the pool. Suman sees him in the pool and saying he don’t know what to do. He says this truth will be out infront of everyone. Suman thinks why he is pain and angry and prays to Tulsi maiyya. Chandariya song plays.
Sindhoora thinks Suman will be alone in her room now. She comes there and keeps food plate there while the latter is sleeping. She thinks she will make everyone believe that she had food hidingly. She is about to smear kheer on her mouth. Antara comes and switches on lights. Suman wakes up. Antara tells Suman that Sindhoora was trying to break her fast. Sindhoora says she was hungry and that’s why she was trying to feed her.

Kalavati says in sleep. Suman says I believe you and says she has kept fast for Ranveer’s safety. Kalavati thinks to ruin her conspiracy and scolds Suman for supporting her. Sanjana asks why did you lie? Suman says what will happen if matter is stretched. Antara says if she tries to hurt you again. Suman says she is not afraid as Maasaa and she is with her. Ranveer comes somewhere and tells the mystery man that he came far as he said. Sanjana asks Sahil why he is trying to break her fast. Sahil have the food and asks her not to spoil her beauty by being hungry. Sanjana asks him to give samosa. She thanks him. He takes samosa and says he don’t love her much. He then blackmails to show the pic to everyone. Sanjana says she didn’t have anything. Sahil laughs and says my work is done.

At evening, Badi maa asks Suman, where is Ranveer? Suman says he will come. Chaman tells Nupur that Ranveer kept fast for Suman. Suman gets glad. Nupur asks Suman to do the ritual. Sanjana gets irked and thinks she is elder bahu and she is making Suman do the rasam. Sindhoora thinks Ranveer will not come.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suman calls Ranveer and asks where is he? He asks her to reach the ground and says he will give her best gift on Teej day. Suman comes there and says she has come. She says now complete this rasam. Ravi comes there and says Ranveer can’t do this rasam. Suman is shocked to see Ravi there.

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