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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Manan comes to Ranveer’s room. Ranveer says whatever you are thinking is not right. Manan smiles and says he don’t want to miss Antara’s haldi. Ranveer says just 2 mins. Suman applies haldi to Sanjana and asks if she is still upset. Sanjana says no. Sonali comes and greets Dadi. Dadi thanks her for saving Ranveer and Suman. Sonali says I saved him as my friend and not to take anything from you. Dadi appreciates her thinking. Sindhoora asks her not to hesitate if she needs anything. Suman tells Sanjana that Sahil will keep looking at her. Kalavati applies haldi to Antara. Antara asks her not to cry. Kalavati asks her to change her habits. Antara asks her to take care of herself. Kalavati says Su…and stops and realizes. Suman gets tears in her eyes.

Ranveer and Manan come in disguise of a woman wearing saree with their face covered with a veil. Guest asks who are they? Nupur applies haldi to Antara. Guest lady asks Ranveer and Manan to sing. Ranveer is about to say? Manan talks in woman’s voice and says her voice is rough today. Sindhoora completes the rasam. Suman also does the ritual. Manan asks Suman to go and says let me bless Mittal family bahu. Nupur says we didn’t know you. Ranveer says she is with me. Nupur asks who are you? Manan says I am with her. Ranveer says I am Champa and she is Chameli, and says we came from far to apply haldi to bahus. Nupur says there is something wrong. Ranveer coughs and says gadbad kaisi chachi. Nupur says Chachi? Ranveer says you are of my Chachi’s age so that’s why I called you Chachi. Manan calls her Maa.

Nupur says Maa. Manan says as Chameli called her Chachi, so she called her Maa. Dadi says let her apply haldi. Manan applies haldi to Antara. Antara calls his name. Nupur asks where is he? Antara says my friend asked me to take husband’s name during haldi. Dadi says don’t take your husband name in Mittal family. Manan blesses her. Kalavati asks her to tell rightly. Dadi says now it is Suman’s turn and asks her sit. She asks Kalavati to apply haldi to her. Kalavati refuses. She says I can’t do my bahu’s bidaai and apologizes to Dadi. Suman says every color is light without you, and says my life will be incomplete without you.

Kalavati thinks why I will apply haldi to you as it is your decision. Dadi tells that Sindhoora will apply haldi to Suman. Sindhoora thinks she don’t deserve to sit infront of her, but today have to apply haldi to her because of her. She sees Suman and Ranveer’s plate and is bringing towards Suman when Sonali takes haldi from bowl and applies on her face. Dadi scolds her and says only Suman have the right on ranveer’s haldi. Sonali thinks only she has the right to apply haldi of his name. Ranveer asks Sonali to help her wear saree properly and takes her inside. She is surprised to see saree.


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Ranveer asks why did you apply haldi. He asks what does she wants? Sonali says you…and says you might have know that I didn’t know any rituals. He warns her not to do any mistakes. Sonali says ok and says she will keep making mistakes and Suman will be punished. Sindhoora applies shagun haldi and thinks I won’t let you have its color and promises to end the game. Ranveer comes wearing saree and says I will apply haldi to bride. Dadi says let her apply haldi. Ranveer applies haldi to her and shows his face. Suman says Ranveer. Everyone looks on puzzled. Sonali thinks she applied first color on herself.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chaman Kaka tells that someone added mirch powder in haldi uptan. Ranveer says someone did this deliberately and says I have a proof.

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