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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman goes to changing room to wear the dress. She thinks Ranveer knows that she will not wear such clothes and thinks to find out if he wants her to wear this dress. She comes out and sees Ranveer gone. She thinks he don’t want her to wear such dress. Sahil calls Sanjana and asks for his jeans. Sahil says he wants torn jeans. Sanjana says it is stitch by Maasaa and says now it can’t be seen that it was torn. Sahil says it was special edition jeans worth 25000 which he didn’t wear even once. He gets upset and calls Kalavati and her as villager. Sanjana gets upset and says he can’t call her villager. Sindhoora hears them and asks Sahil to calm down. Sahil says I am stuck between villagers. He asks her to wear as hot pant. Sanjana wonders what? Sindhoora asks Sanjana to stop kalavati before Sahil breaks the marriage. She says he married you with helplessness and asks her to do something. Sanjana asks what to do. Sindhoora says your marriage is in danger, ask Kalavati to go from here.

Sindhoora thinks Kalavati’s blood will kick her out. Nupur hears her. Kalavati is dancing in her room on the song Atra baras ki….Shakti comes and dances behind her. Sanjana comes there and switches off music system. She tells her that Sahil scolded him because of her and says that jeans which you had stitched was stylish. She says now you can’t stay here and asks her to leave. Kalavati is shocked. Sanjana says it is not good for a mother to stay in daughters’ sasural and says since you have come, my relation with Pankaj is in trouble. Kalavati says I don’t want to come here, but your dadiya saas brought me here. Sanjana says that time you were unwell, but now you are fine and dancing better than Madhuri. Kalavati says I have BP, but then also I am dancing with my wish. Sanjana asks her to go for her daughter’s happiness and says you will never want my marriage to break. Kalavati says she never wants this. She tells Shakti that someone else have taught her this.

Sindhoora tells Sanjana that she has done good acting and convinced Kalavati. She says you will rule in the house after me. Sanjana thanks her with a hug. Sindhoora asks if this is her ancestral illness and asks her not to hug her again. Kalavati hears her. She comes to Suman and says do you know what that naagin is doing. She says Sindhoora is instigating Sanjana against me and she asked me to go. Suman is shocked. Kalavati asks her to keep eye on Sanjana and says Sindhoora has stoop low and making my blood against you. Suman says she will make Sanjana understand. Kalavati says ok and happens to see the dress. She asks for which kid, you have brought this dress. Suman says Ranveer brought this for me. Kalavati says you can’t wear such dress. Suman says she don’t want to wear. Kalavati says she has seen Sindhoora giving some dress to Ranveer and asks her to throw on Sindhoora’s face. Suman thinks mummy ji brought it for her, and thinks how to find out what is in Ranveer’s hand.

Sanjana sings song and takes some clothes for washing. He asks her not to touch his clothes. He saves his other sim no. on his phone as Ria and goes to washroom. He sends I love you to himself. Sanjana reads the message and thinks who is this Ria and gets angry. Sahil comes out and pretends to read the message and smiles. Sanjana comes to Kalavati and tells that Sahil likes Ria. Kalavati gets thinking and says you said that I shall not stay here, and asks her to seek advice from Sindhoora. Sanjana says you are right and goes.

Nupur asks Suman why she didn’t wear the dress brought by Ranveer. Sindhoora says we all are waiting to see you. Suman says she wanted to asks him if she shall wear it. Ranveer asks her to wear when everyone is saying. Suman tells that he has brought small dress in length for her. Nupur says so you were pulling his leg. Ranveer goes. Sindhoora thinks good chance went. She thinks she will humiliate her and break all her dreams. She comes to Ranveer and Suman’s room and checks for their passports. She gets Ranveer’s passport.. Suman is coming there. Sindhoora checks she cupboard and hides hearing the foot steps.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer tells Suman that teacher made him stand out as she didn’t pay his fees. Suman tells Antara that she don’t have money to pay the fees. Suman calls school and gets to know that fees is paid. She gets receipt from Ranveer’s pocket and hugs him.

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