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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman is standing in the balcony. Ranveer comes to her and holds her hand. He asks her not to worry about the happenings. Suman says you are worried because of you. She says since I came in your life, you have faced troubles. Ranveer looks on.

Bade Papa dances with Badi Maa, Brijesh dances with Nupur. Akash asks Sindhoora to come and dance. Sindhoora says she is not happy and don’t want to dance. She goes. Everyone dance on the song Shawa Shawa.

Sindhoora hears Kalavati talking to Lawyer and saying Contractor shall be freed before Police opens his mouth. She turns and sees Sindhoora standing. Sindhoora applauds for her and says I was thinking who is behind this. She says I thought the culprit is Sanjana, but you are the one. She says you got Suman and Ranveer’s pic clicked and then got angry and did Suman her last rites. Sindhoora laughs and says now it is my turn. When everyone come to know that the real culprit is you then your ego will gone, then how can you blackmail me. She says you were making me say sorry few mins back and says now you will feel sorry for life. She is about to go. Kalavati laughs. Sindhoora says it seems you are in shock. Kalavati says yes and asks her to go and tell her truth. She says chor chor mausere bhai. She says what do you think that my lips will be sealed. She says it was all my plan, but who gave contract to Contractor for Suman’s kidnapping. Ranveer says what you are saying and says since you came in my life, I started to live life. He asks her to come with him and says he has seen a dream to dance with her. He asks her to come and dance with him.

Kalavati blackmails Sindhoora and says once you expose me, I will expose you. She says my daughters’ marriage will be stopped, but you will be kicked out of home. Ranveer brings Suman back to party and they dance together. Kalavati asks her not to forget that Contractor is under her control and says he can take your name on my saying. She says you will not understand my Leela and says I want to separate Ranveer and Suman for forever. Sindhoora asks Kalavati not to threaten her again, and says we both shall hide each other truth. She says you shall not harm Ranveer and says she won’t let Suman marry Ranveer. Kalavati tells that her daughters’ marriage shall not be stopped and that she won’t let Suman marry Ranveer.

Sanjana asks Antara where is Maasa. Antara says I will search her. She tells Manan that she will bring Maasa. Ranveer asks Suman to forget and enjoy the moment. Suman says one thing is troubling me and says who is doing this with me. Ranveer says what matters is we are together. He tells poetry. Suman smiles.

Sindhoora and Kalavati laugh. Sindhoora says you are less in status, but you have thinking just like me. Kalavati says I am your best friend. Sindhoora says when we have same destination, then why to work differently. She asks how did you get the money? Kalavati says she has the money, but didn’t show it off. She tells that she didn’t show money to Suman else she wouldn’t have gotten golden eggs laid by Suman, and laughs. She tells her how she duped Suman and took her jewellery. Kalavati asks her to hug her. Sindhoora says no. Ranveer tells Suman that he can be separated from her only after death. Suman says even she. Kalavati says we will not let them unite. Sindhoora says when our destination is same, what’s bad to walk together. They shake hands. Antara comes and says Maasa. Kalavati and Sindhoora are shocked.

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Manan tells Ranveer that whoever is attempting attacks on Suman is. Ranveer asks him to tell her name. Antara looks on.