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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kalavathi looking at her son’s photo cries reminiscing Sanju’s words that she wants to enjoy on her bahu’s money and use her like a machine. Suman returns home with Veer. Veer asks why she is crying. She says she is fine, just got dust in her eyes. Veer goes in. Suman asks what happened. Kalavathi says she is worried about Antara and Sanju’s future, she feels she is a bad mother. Suman says she is best mother and asks to find boys for Antara and Sanju, once she finishes MBA, she will get them married in a lavish way. Kalavathi asks if she slapped that boy. Suman says yes, she taught him a lesson. Kalavathi says she should slap whoever troubles her and asks to get tea for her. Suman goes to kitchen.

Kalavathi then calls Antara and asks which boy Sanju was talking about.Antara says Sahil Mittal, Mittal family’s son. Kalavathi gets very happy that her daughter is like her. She goes to Sanju’s room with sweets and consoles her. Sanju acts. She says she will get her married to Sahil Mittal. Sanju gets very happy, munches sweets and asks how will they do it. Kalavathi says leave it to her.

Mittal family is busy enjoying evening snacks and tea when younger brother Brijesh reaches from Bhopal and touches bade papa’s feet. Whole family gets happy seeing him. Nupur shies seeing him. He touches badi maa and even Sindhoora’s feet and says he was not present to greet her. She says it is okay. He says that their Bhopal Branch is opened successfully and Mittal industry’s turnover will be double and profit trible, it is elder’s sanskar. Sahil and Manan come and hug him. Bade papa scolds them that they should touch feet. They do. Ranveer comes next and touches his feet excitedly. Akash comes and hugs him next. Badi maa tells she will keep satyanarayan pooja tomorrow. Nupur says they will celebrate even Sindhoora and Akash’s 25th marriage anniversary. Sindhoora says it is okay as her friends cannot come from Delhi in such a short notice.

Mittal family’s servant reaches Kalavathi’s home and gives her invitation card. She asks Suman to get something for him and asks if it is someone’s marriage, worriedly. He says she can check herself in card and leaves. Kalavathi checks card and gets happy seeing satyanarayan pooja invitation. She informs Sanju and Antara. Sanju gets very excited and says she has to do make up a lot. Kalavathi asks Suman to get them ready as rich families come there. Sanju asks why rich family kept pooja instead of party.

Ranveer with Sanju and Manan plan Sindhoora and Akash’s wedding anniversary party. Sanju says liquor and cigs. Manan says bade papa will not allow it. Ranveer says they should just party and enjoy. He says he has only 3 friends, 2 from college and one…He calls Suman’s number and introduces as one who saved Veer and wants to speak to him to invite for a party. She asks his real name. He is about to speak, but phone gets disconnected.

In the morning, Sindhoora and Akash bring daadi out. Everyone touch her feet. Bade papa praises Nupur satyanarayan pooja arrangements. Sindhoora gets jealous. Daadi asks where are her heroes. Ranveer, Sahil and Manan come and touch her feet. Badi maa gives money to Ranveer and asks to make party arrangements secretly. He jokes with her and leaves.

Kalavathi with Sanju, Suman, and Antara reaches Mittal sadan in a taxi and scolds taxi driver in her witty way for staring at Sanju. Ranveeer is on phone and does not notice Suman. Even suman walks in without noticing her. Kalavathi wishes Sindhoor happy marriage anniversary and hugs her. Sindhoora fumes. Sanju greets her. Sindhoora fumes in anger seeing Suman and reminisces Suman confronting her. Kalavathi tells she needs to talk to her something important. Nupur comes and greets Kalavathi and after a bit of drama asks Kalavathi if suman is her elder daughter. Kalavathi gets angry.

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Sindhoora yells at Suman that she is apologizing after burning her hand. Ranveer drops kumkum thali on Suman’s head while passing by. Pandit says it is god’s indication that this girl will marry soon. Kalavathi burns in anger.

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