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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kalavati tells Ravi that she finds his face familiar to her son Ravi and gets emotional. She hugs him. Ravi says its ok. Ranveer says I will make you meet other family members. He introduces him to Manan and Antara. Ravi recalls their last meeting when he left home. Ranveer makes him meet Sanjana and Sahil. Ravi recalls their last meet and gets emotional. Sanjana asks can I call you bhaiya? Ranveer says now I will make you meet Suman and Veer. He makes him meet Veer. Veer tells Ranveer that he will go out and play. Ravi thanks Ranveer for making him meet everyone and says he will not forget his favor. Dadi asks Ravi to tell her what Ranveer used to do in college as they missed his childhood. Ranveer says he was in US that time. Dadi asks are you married? Ranveer says he is not married. Dadi says I am questioning him and you are answering, if there is anything wrong. She wishes that he gets married soon and gets wife like Suman. Ravi says yes.

Ravi tells Ranveer that he will make Veer’s passport. Ranveer tells that even Suman Passport needs to be made as it was ruined for some reasons. Ravi says ok and asks him to take Suman out. He says he wants to play with Veer and lift him in his lap. He goes. Suman comes to Ranveer and asks what he was saying? Ranveer says he wants to make passport and wants your document. He thinks he is very unfortunate to lose Suman. Suman also feels bad. Ranveer tells her that he will wait at pool side and asks her bring documents for both Veer and her. Chadariya song plays…..

Ravi goes to Veer and kisses him. He gives him chocolate. Veer thanks him and calls uncle. Ravi asks him to call Papa. Veer says how can I call you Papa and tells that papa is just one. Ravi says I will give you more chocolates. Veer refuses to call him Papa. He comes to Ranveer and insists to play game with him. Ranveer refuses so that Ravi can play with him. Ravi and Veer plays the game. Suman brings documents. Ranveer says I can’t give, you go and give him. Judaai song plays…Suman gives documents to Ravi. Ravi asks her why Veer calls Papa to Ranveer and asks didn’t you tell him who is her real father. Suman says what I would have told him, he was just 1 year old when we got your news. When he met Ranveer, he came to know the meaning of Papa, till then you was just star for him.

Ravi asks her to make him understand who is her real Papa. He holds her tightly. Suman asks him to leave her. Just then Veer falls in the pool. They get shocked. Ranveer jumps in the pool and saves him while Ravi just stands out. Suman tells Veer will be fine. A kid comes and informs everyone that Veer fell in water. Bade Papa and others come there. He asks Suman to change Veer’s clothes. He asks Ranveer to change clothes as well. Shakti tries to talk to Ravi about his village. Ravi goes. Suman thinks Ravi is Veer’s real father, but he was more concerned about hiding his face and Ranveer have saved him.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranveer tells Suman that Ravi called her to outhouse. Ravi scolds Suman for making Ranveer as Veer’s father. He asks her to sign on the divorce papers. Suman is shocked. Ravi says he don’t want any drama.

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