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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman steps inside the house after grah pravesh and is crying. Ranveer steps inside after her. Suman is crying. Kalavati thanks God. Suman cries. Dadi asks what happened? Suman cries. Kalavati says she has gone mad as I told Veer is my grand son and Raavi’s son, and that’s why she is crying. Dadi says it is between you and Suman, I can’t tell. Kalavati says I will leave from here now. Veer hugs Suman and says I want to stay with you and don’t want to go with Dadi. Kalavati takes him with her. Suman cries badly.

Sindhoora thinks it is a big twist in the story and says I am liking this. Suman cries seeing Ranveer. Badi Maa asks her not to cry. Nupur says how she can’t stop crying, as her son is separated from her. Suman looks angrily at Ranveer and thinks you have separated my life from me. Dadi asks her to take Suman to room. Manan asks Ranveer what did you do? Ranveer says I have nothing against Veer and says he wants to be with Suman and not with someone’s mum. He can’t let anyone come in between them.

Kalavati thinks about her daughters and cries. Veer is sleeping there and calls Maa. Sanjana is sitting on bed and thinks she became elder bahu of a rich family and thinks she is loving it.

Ranveer tells Manan and Sahil that their lives will change now. Sahil says tonight it will be dark night for him and says I can’t accept Sanjana as my wife. Manan says she loves you very much. Sahil says she loves my surname. Ranveer says someone said that we have to be with someone who loves us and asks him to give her a chance. Sahil asks them to go and enjoy the night and goes to his room. Sanjana asks him to give muh dikhayi. Sahil pushes her on sofa and says he don’t want to see her face. Sanjana apologizes. Sahil says this is your place from now, and says you were forced on me, and refuses to accept her as his wife. He sleeps on bed. Sanjana thinks all her desires will come true.

Manan gives muh dikhayi bangles to Antara. Antara smiles and says she was thinking about Suman. Manan says Ranveer wants to spend some personal time with Suman, like I do want with you. Antara gets shy. Manan asks can I hold your hand. She says yes.

Suman thinks about Veer and thinks if she had known before that she would have to go from her son then she would have never married Ranveer. She thinks why did you keep me in dark Ranveer. Ranveer comes there and hugs Suman. Suman turns angrily and asks why did you do this with me. She asks why did you keep me away from my life. She says you asked Veer to go suddenly and asks why? She says you didn’t think about a mum once and asks him to reply.

Ranveer says today is our wedding night, your husband is infront of you and you are thinking about your son. He says we got married after overcoming many hurdles and says tonight he wants to spend all night with her holding her hand, seeing her. Suman says she is thinking about Veer. Ranveer says you don’t care about me or my feelings. He says you just cares for Veer.

Suman says why didn’t you tell this thing to me before marriage, you would have told me that you need just me and not my son. She says why you will care for him as you are not someone’s father. She says if you would have been a father then you would have feel the pain, it is like soul coming out from the body. Ranver says when did I say that Veer will not stay with us, and says he told for some time only. He says I will never come near you and thanks her for the wonderful night and to make him believe his importance in her life. He says first night, my foot and throws the turban. Suman thinks Ranveer is changed in just 1 night.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sindhoora sees Ranveer going to his room and thinks it means he didn’t spend night in his bed room. Suman tries to wake him up and he pulls her closer to him. Suman is upset.