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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman says Ravi ji. Ravi says yes your Ravi. He says by the time, I could think of anything of stopping the marriage, you both were married. A fb is shown, Dadi asks men of the house to go. Ranveer goes to his room. Ravi keeps gun on Ranveer and asks him not to get closer to Suman. He says you will make her go far from you that she will leave you. Ranveer asks why do you think that I will do this. He asks who are you? Ravi says wrong question, Suman is Suman Ravi Parmaar, and says he is Ravi Parmar, her husband. He says I don’t want this, but what to do, I love her very much and can’t see of becoming someone else. Ranveer is shocked. Ravi asks Ranveer to tell that Veer will not stay with them anymore. Ranveer refuses to tell this. Ravi asks him not to force him. Ranveer keeps gun on his forehead and asks him to shoot as nobody can separate him with his Suman. Ravi is shocked. Fb ends. Suman is shocked to know this.

Ravi says that’s why I have threatened him to kill Suman. A fb is shown. Ranveer is shocked and tells that Suman is at his gun point. Ranveer asks how dare you and grabs his collar. Ravi says you are right, but calm down. I want you to co operate with me. He asks if you want to see her alive and threatens to kill her. He says I have no personal enmity with you, but I love her very much. She also loves me. He says Suman is my wife, my son’s mum etc. He asks him how can he get close to her and says whatever will happen will be with my wish. He says if Suman comes to know that I am alive then she would have never married you. He asks him to tell Suman that he can’t take Veer with him. Ranveer is shocked. Fb ends.

Ravi tells Suman that whatever Ranveer did after marriage was on my sayings. He says you asked him who called him again and again and says I used to call him. He says because of me, he went far from you. He says I love you very much, how can I bear to see you going close to you. He says he went to room in hotel holding knife to remind Ranveer that he can kill her at any time. He acts madly and says I love you very much and that’s why did this. He says that night when he came to meet me, Ranveer asks what do you want? Ravi asks him to divorce Suman and says she came spying you, and asks him to punish her by giving divorce. He says you forced me to come infront of you as you have burnt the divorce papers.. Suman asks why did you prove yours death and says I stayed as a widow for years, Veer stayed with his father, Maasa, Sanjana and Antara cried for you. She asks for the reason. Ravi says he can’t tell her now.

Suman says she has taken care of everyone’s needs after he went. He says he will tell later, and asks why she decides to marry Ranveer, asks if her love was so weak. He says now I have come, will make everything fine. He says I will come and take you with me, very far from everyone. Suman is shocked. Ravi asks him to promise that she will not tell anyone about him. He says he don’t want his maasa and sisters’ happiness gets ruined and threatens to kill Ranveer. Suman is shocked. Ravi says I know my sumi can’t refuse me. He tells Ranveer to take care of Suman as his amanat by staying far. Suman is scared and cries. Ravi goes. Ek vivah music plays….Ranveer also cries. Suman cries aloud. Ranveer helps her get up and asks her to come home. Veer Zaara music plays…..He then leaves her hand and goes.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kalavati scolds Suman for not lighting Diya infront of Ravi’s pic. Later Ravi comes to take Suman. Suman hugs Ranveer and refuses to go with Ravi. Ravi threatens to kill Ranveer.

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