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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ranveer asks Ravi to fight with him and not to show his manhood on a vulnerable child. Suman takes an auto and goes. Antara informs everyone about Ravi’s threat. They get shocked. Ravi is still keeping knife on Veer’s neck and threaten to kill him. He asks Ranveer to pour kerosene oil on himself else he will kill Veer. Ranveer pours kerosene oil on himself. He asks him to lit the cigar and set him ablaze. Suman comes there and stops Ranveer.

Ravi asks how dare you to hug him being my wife. Suman asks how dare you to keep my Maasa and son captive. She says you were never a good husband, but you are neither a good father nor a son. She says you are an escaper. She says you were my first husband, but my first love is Ranveer. She says today I am breaking my marriage with you, and takes off her mangalsutra from her neck. She says it is better to die as Ranveer’s wife than to stay as your wife. Ravi says I am here today because of this old woman’s greed and says you all will die. He asks Suman to leave him says he is giving her last chance. Suman says she prefers to die rather than staying with him. Ravi pushes Veer to Suman and says now you all die together.

Kalavati is still tied and is shocked. Ravi says I love you Sumi, bye bye meri jaan. He is about to throw the lighter on him. Police comes there and stops him. Shakti brings police. Kalavati asks Inspector to take him and give punishment so that no son, husband or father can do this. Ravi says Maasa.

Kalavati says she was happy when he came, but now cursing the day when he was born. She tells him that when he went, Suman took care of everyone like a son. She says Suman had suffered much with you, and when she met Ranveer, she fell in love with him. She says you are dead for me and asks Ranveer to take his family with him, and blesses them. Ravi says you have done wrong. He snatches gun from Inspector’s hand and threatens to kill Ranveer first. Suman steps infront of Ranveer and asks Ravi to shoot. Ravi says I love you, get ready to die. He shoots, but the bullet doesn’t hit them. He falls down holding his chest. Kalavati shoot him on his chest. Police says he got unconscious and takes him to hospital. Suman cries hugging kalavati. Kalavati hugs Ranveer and cries.

Sindhoora is in dilemma. She thinks let Ranveer’s go, let Suman show her value. Her other self tells that Suman is a good human and Ranveer loves her much. She asks her not to let them go. first one says let Suman and Ranveer go, Sindhoora can’t change and accept Suman. Good self tells that everyone will think of you as vamp who has sacrificed her son for her ego. First self tells that let them go, what your friends will say, you will become joke. Other self asks her to stop them. Sindhoora cries.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranveer tells that he has decided to leave the house with Suman and Veer. Sahil asks Sanjana why didn’t she sign on the cheque.

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