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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman cries and recalls her first meeting with Ranveer. Chandariya song plays….Ranveer also cries and recalls the moments. They come home. Everyone is having food. Nupur asks them to sit and have food. Tai ji asks Suman to tell about Ranveer’s surprise for her. Suman thinks life gave her big surprise. Taya ji says both are shy. Nupur says Suman is our daughter. Suman recalls Ravi promising to come and take her. Tai ji asks Suman, Sanjana and Antara to come and give Teej things to them and says this is a sign of a married woman. She gives to all bahus, and asks them to stay with their sons as their reflection. Suman thinks now she can’t be his reflection as her first husband is alive.

Suman comes to Kalavati and gives her medicine. She looks at Ravi’s pic and stares him. Kalavati scolds her for not lighting diya infront of his pic. Suman thinks he is alive and diya is not lighted infront of alive man. She thinks she can’t tell this to Maasa else Ravi will not leave Ranveer. She tries to light the diya. Kalavati stops her and says you have forgotten my son.

Suman goes out of room and cries. Ranveer sees her crying. Do Palon ka carvan plays. She thinks how is this agni pariksha? What to do? Sindhoora sees Suman crying and thinks why she is crying, Ranveer called her to give surprise, she shall be happy, what happened here. Suman gets up and goes.

In the room, Suman refuses to go with Ravi. Ravi says what about me, and says he knows how he lived without her for 5 years and asks her not to take his test and come with him. Suman leaves his hand and runs to Ranveer. She hugs Ranveer and asks why you are sending me, I don’t want to go. Ravi says sorry and says Ranveer you have to die. Suman shouts and it turns out to be her dream. She thinks she can’t stay away from him even in dreams. She thinks where is Ranveer? Ranveer thinks about Suman and him……Ek tara plays…..He asks how to separate Suman from him and asks God to give him strength so that he can forget her.

Sindhoora comes there and asks you are crying. She asks why you are crying? She says how dare she to make my son cry. Ranveer says no, and says you will not understand Suman or our relation. He says you couldn’t understand your son, I would have cried keeping my head in your lap if you had understood me. He says someone wants to separate us. Sindhoora thinks there is something for sure, Suman was crying and now Ranveer is also crying. She thinks they pretend to be happy couple infront of everyone, and thinks to find out.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranveer apologizes to Suman for marrying her and separating her from Veer. He says he wouldn’t have married her if he knows that Ravi is alive. Sindhoora hears them and thinks to find out. Ravi scolds Suman for sleeping on bed with Ranveer and Veer.

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