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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Teacher calls Ranveer and Suman to come and submit their presentation. Ranveer says his partner has not come, so he will give his presentation. Teacher asks if he wants to have both people’s food. Everyone laughs. Ranveer tells her friend that Behanji must have not come in fear. Suman locked in room cries if she should go and pick her son from school or go back to presentation. Ranveer goes out and searches Suman. Suman continues knocking door and thinks if she informs maasa, she will get tensed. Ranveer returns to class.

Kalavathi prepares kheer in kichen. Sanju enters kitchen singig baby doll mai sone and holding besan face pack and drops it in a shock. She drops bowl seeing Kalavathi working in kitchen. Kalavathi says this is for Sindoora and if she convinces Sindhoora that she is her only friend, her life will be settled. Sanju says she is like Manthra/cunning. Kalavathi asks if she is praising or taunting. Kalavathi says she means Chanakya.

Ranveer tells teacher that Suman has not come to college today, if he can give his presentation. Teacher says he already told it is team effort, so he cannot present alone. Suman panics that she has to get her son from school on time at any cost and breaks glass via paper weight and shouts for help. Teacher passes by and asks peon to open door. Suman says she will talk to him tomorrow and runs towards school. Suman reaches school and does not find Veer. She panics and calls Kalavathi. Kalavathi yells at her and warns if she does not bring her grandson home, she will consume poison and die. Sanju says she will take sweets to Sindhoora’s house. Kalavathi says okay and asks to take Antara along.

Suman continues panicking. Veer tries to cross road and comes in front of a car. Car stops. Ranveer comes out and asks prabhu what are you doing here. Veer says he is in school uniform, so going home. Ranveer says he will drop him home and takes Ranveer in car. Suman worriedly searches Veer nearby and continues praying god to protect him. Ranveer asks Veer what he wants to have. Veer says ice cream, but mom does not like him to have it, so not to tell her. Ranveer gets ice cream and asks Veer to have it. Veer asks him to have first as mom taught him to feed her. Ranveer says he needs to meet his mom then.

Sanju with Antara enters Mittal sadan and seeing Sahi and his brother tells Antara that like buy one get one free, she will get Antara and Sahil’s brother’s setting in her and Sahil’s marriage. Her drama continues. Antara slips and falls. Sahil sees her and angrily asks why she came here. Antara says their mother is Sindhoora aunty’s friend and has sent kheer for Sindhoora. Sahil asks to keep it and gives Sanj her 500 rs tip for bringing kheer. Sanju fumes in anger, but Antara stops her. Sindhoora comes and asks why they are here. Sanju touches feet and says they brought kheer for her. Nupur asks Sindhoora to call Kalavathi and thank her and insists.

Suman continues searching Veer and gets into auto. Ranveer drops Ver ohme and leaves in his car. Kalavathi hugs him and says she will question his mother. Suman reaches home and hugs Veer emotionally. Veer asks if they both were missing him. Suman says yes. Kalavathi yells why she is lying and asks Veer how did he reach home. Veer says Krish uncle dropped him. Kalavathi says he should not mingle with strangers and asks him to go and have kheer. He runs in. Kalavathi yells at Suman that her college finishes 30 minutes before Veer’s school, then why did she go late. Suman tells her how she was locked in class room. Kalavathi yells she did not send her to college to sleep, she made a mistake by trusting her, she should get her name out of college. Suman continues crying and apologizing Kalavathi.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman asks Ranveer if he gave money to peon to lock door. Ranveer gets angry and says she does not even know to talk in English and wants to study MBA, she should pack her bags and leave. Suman shouts if this college is his personal property.

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