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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd February 2017 video watch online on

Suman is busy studying at night. Veer comes, and she asks if he did not sleep yet. He says he made daadi sleep and came here. He says he felt bad when daadi scolded her and will promise that he will wait near school until she comes to pick him. Even she promises to come on time. He tells aabout his accident and Ranveer/Krish saving him. She gets worried. Kalavathi calls him and he leaves. Suman thinks some good person saved Veer, and on the other side Ranveer is so arrogant that he locked her in class room to take revenge, she continues reminiscing what he did.

Next day, in class everyone discuss about behanji/Suman and laugh that sh sleeps in class. Ranveer enters and ask why everyone are discussing about behanji. Suman enters and everyone shout at once behanji came. Ranveer asks why she sleeps in class room, she did not even notice peon locking room. She alleges that he bribed peon to lock her. He asks what… She says she saw him bribing peon and combing his hair in front of door even when she was shouting to get her out. He fumes hearing baseless allegations and shouts that she cannot even speak in English and wants to study MBA and become manager. People suicide when they don’t get admission in this college and behanji’s like here come hear wearing pallu and snatch someone else’s right. She should pack her bag and get out of here. Suman shouts this college is not his private property and he cannot decide what she will do. Their argument continues. Teacher comes and says since Ranveer and Suman did not finish their presentation yesterday, he will deduct 2 marks each. He asks to give their presentation now. Ranveer says he will give presentation first and presents his underwear advertisement. Suman comments. Ranveer says let us see what she presents. She describes her idea and everyone like it. Ranveer says he does not agree.

Sanju’s jokergiri continues. Antara asks why she is fuming. Sanju says Sahil Mittal insulted her by giving 500 rs tip. Antara asks to forget the incident and move on Sanju says she will become Sanju Mittal at any cost. Hearing Sandese Aate on FM says she got an idea now. She makes Antara write love letter for Sahil. Antara asks if she should write Sanju on it. Sanju says what if someone get it instead of Sahil. She imprints her lips marks on letter as her signature.

Teacher gives another project about nonverbal communication and says only Ranveer and Suman will present it. Ranveer and Suman say they cannot. Teacher says it is his final order. After class, Ranveer gets notes xerox from peon and informs his friend that he gave money to peon to get notes xerox, but behanji thinks he bribed peon to lock her in classroom. Friend suggest he should clear his misunderstanding with behanji, else he won’t be able to finish project. She insists and sends him. He goes and sits next to Suman and asks if she thought about presentation. She asks why. He says sir likes his idea, but someone people in class think her ideas are better, if they can discuss now. She says no, she has to go home now. He asks to give her phone number, he will discuss ideas over phone. Suman says no, they will discuss tomorrow in class and leaves.

At night Suman is busy in studies. Veer takes out Krish/Ranveer’s phone number, thinks of talking to him, acts as having stomachache and tells Suman that he needs cold drinks. She says it is very cold outside and night, so maaji will not let her go. He insists. She goes out. He calls Ranveer’s number from Suman’s number.

Ranveer in his room thinks behanji’s verbal communication is so bad, how will she present about nonverbal communication, reminisces her presentation and thinks he has to speak to her somehow to exchange ideas. Krish calls him and speaks, asks why good boy did not sleep yet. Ranveer says sometimes good boys also have to study. Suman returns and finds Veer on phone and asks whom he is speaking to. Veer says Krish uncle. Suman says she needs to thank him, takes phone from him, and says hello. Serial’s title track plays in the background.


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