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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman sings lori for Veer and makes him sleep. Kalavati comes and asks if she is done and asks her to go. Suman says I will go in sometime. Kalavati says 5 mins are over. Suman covers blanket on him and makes him sleep. She returns to Mittal Sadan. Sindhoora says you have returned so soon and asks with whom you have taken permission and left. Ranveer comes and asks Suman to come, as he needs to talk to her. Sindhoora thinks she made efforts to send her permanently, but..Ranveer splashed water on her plans.

Ranveer asks Suman why did you go without informing or asking anyone. Suman says Veer’s hand was burnt and that’s why she went. Ranveer says Kalavati said Sanjana that nothing happened to him. Suman says you are upset as nothing happened to you. Ranveer says this is our first morning after marriage and everyone have expectation with her. He says you want to act as great mum. Suman says I don’t know how you can change over a night. Ranveer scolds her and asks her not to go hurting everyone sentiments again and asks her to come out.

Suman apologizes to Dadi. Dadi says we are not upset with you, but you had to go for pagphera. Ranveer tells Suman that Dadi is not at all upset with her. Suman goes to get kheer. Dadi asks where says ok. Sindhoora thinks all her drama is wasted and determines to make her leave without 48 hours. Dadi tastes halwa made by Sanjana and says it is tasty. Badi Maa gives bangle to her. Dadi gives her nek and tastes Antara’s besan halwa. She says it is also good and gives nek. Suman turns comes. Dadi says last time she won my heart by making tasty food. Sindhoora thinks salt will show his taste.

Everyone tastes Suman’s kheer and gives her nek. Suman asks how is it? Sindhoora scolds Suman and says it is so salty. Suman says she had just sugar. Sindhoora says you would have tasted it. Suman says it is shagun kheer and that’s why she didn’t taste. Sindhoora says Nupur’s bahus have made delicious halwa, and you made poison like kheer. Suman says she will make again. Sindhoora refuses to let her go again to kitchen. Dadi asks Suman to take shagun.

Kalavati thinks when will electricity returned and thinks their stay with Mittal Sadan was good in AC and generators. Veer asks her to take him there in the morning. She says we will go and asks him to sleep. Sahil plans to go out with his friends and have win. Sanjana hears him and says she will tell everyone that he is planning to drink wine and blackmails him to give him money. She asks for 25000 Rs. He agrees to give her. She gets happy. Manan tells Antara that how he will live without her for 2 days. Antara says even it will be difficult for me to stay without you. He asks her to take care and call him.

Kalavati and Veer come there. She thinks this might be Jannat. Dadi asks how are you? Kalavati says they have come to take them for pag phera. Veer says he wants to meet Suman. Bade Papa asks him to go. Veer goes to Suman’s room and hugs her. He is about to hug Ranveer, but he ignores her and goes. Veer asks what happened to him. Suman says he was busy, and thinks Ranveer didn’t keep up her son’s heart, and feels really bad. Badi Maa shows the necklace to Nupur which her husband gave her. Sindhoora says it is really good. Suman comes and says Kalavati came to take them for pagphera. Badi maa keeps the necklace in the box and goes with Nupur and Suman. Sindhoora steals the necklace and thinks this will become key of her success.

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