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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Everyone greet dadi sa. Niharika hug dadi and antra, suman and sanjana touch feet. Dadi ask Niharika to feed her, she eats and get cough. Antra and Sanjana serve food.
Nupur thinks now my sahil and mann will be free. Dadi ask nupur to taste and she get shock. And now she ask sindhora to taste.
Dadi declares them winner and ask them to take prize.
Ranveer ask to give prize to suman as she was the one who helped bhabhies. Nupur thinks now marriage will be cancelled. Sindhoora thinks what did you do suman.

Suman nods yes. Nupur says than winner will be Niharika as she cooked alone. Ranveer says that Chachi I said Suman helped but food was cooked by bhabhies. And yes Niharika say truth that you were asking recipe on phone in name of listening to music. Nupur thinks she is also caught. Sindhoora ask Niharika to appolozise.
Dadi ask suman to take prize as this competition was festival for me. Dadi give punishment to Suman to teach food to Antra and Sanjana like her. Ranveer thinks that Suman is perfect Bahu, perfect Sister, perfect Daughter.

Everyone sit for to have food and suman, antra and sanjana serve and everyone praise. Bade papa ask Niharika what are your future plans? Niharika say that I did not like to work, only papa asked to do something so I took admission in MBA. Ranveer say that Niharika then why did you wasted one seat. Sindhoora say that education is must for ladies for coming teachers.

Bade papa ask Suman why are you doing MBA? Suman replies that its my maasa plan and further to secure veer future. Babe papa says that you job is fixed in Mittal industries after you complete your studies. Ranveer thinks that Niharika is eating with us being bahu, and suman being guest is serving us like family.

Veer misses his father and suman pacifies him. Ranveer remember conversation with Veer. Veer ask suman what are father? Suman replies that fathers love child, play with them, bring chocolates and celebrate birthday. Veer say that mean papa do not love me as he is not with me. Suman say sleep like good boy and papa will be your dreams. Suman thinks that Sorry Veer but I do no want to hide anything but you are too young to understand. Ranveer thinks old thinks. Gunja sa ek

Niharika shouts on champan ji. Ranveer shout on her. Sindhoora ask champan to remove stains. Suman comes and say use lemon.
Ranveer say we will play, dance and do lots of fun. Veer ask him tham why don’t you become my father? Suman hears them.

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